LOKI, the LED wall from HELGI

Ligra DS | Italian market distributor for HELGI's LOKI LED wall

Ligra DS announces the distribution for the Italian market of the first line of HELGI LED walls for installation with 1.9 mm pitch, intended for indoor use: LOKI 1.9. 

LOKI is a reliable, easy-to-assemble and versatile installation product. It is available with 25 cm square MiniLED modules (128 x 128 pixels) and two types of horizontally developed cabinets, one 75 x 25 cm (model HLOKI19-7525) capable of accommodating 3 magnetic modules side by side and one 100 x 25 cm (HLOKI19-10025) capable of accommodating 4. The cabinets can be placed side by side, even if of different sizes, allowing the desired surface area to be covered.

LOKI is ideal in the retail sector for installations in shopping centres, inside shops, clubs, pubs, discos, banks, restaurants, cinemas and theatres, ports and airports. Its wide viewing angle of 160° horizontally and 140° vertically gives it optimal visibility even from off-centre positions.

Main features

  • 1.953 mm pitch for high definition
  • Mini LED SMD 1515 technology
  • Refresh rate 3,840 Hz
  • 160° horizontal and 140° vertical viewing angle
  • 700 Nit brightness optimised for indoor use
  • Ideal in retail and railway stations/airports
  • Frontal maintenance system

The advantages of a high refresh rate


LOKI 1.9 has a refresh rate (the value, expressed in Hz, that indicates how many times in one second the image is updated on the display) of 3.84 MHz; this allows for sharper and smoother moving images, especially when showing fast movements in dark scenes, as well as avoiding flickering of the image taken when framing the LEDwall. 

Greyscale is 16-bit, which translates into 65,536 different shades.

Based on SMD 1515 MiniLEDs, with three RGB diodes within a single square capsule, LOKI 1.9's module ensures less distance between individual pixels for higher definition, especially when viewed up close, and offers a wide viewing angle of 160° horizontally and 140° vertically.

The brightness of 700 Nit is optimised for indoor use.

The pixel pitch of 1.953 mm allows for an overall resolution of 384 x 128 pixels with modules mounted on a 75 x 25 x 4.2 cm cabinet (model HLOKI19-7525), or 512 x 128 pixels for the 100 x 25 x 4.2 cm version (model HLOKI19-10025)

Easy assembly and maintenance

One of the strengths of LOKI 1.9 is its ease of installation and maintenance.The right-angle junction between the cabinets increases flexibility in installations (angle junction bracket required).

The cabinet is fixed to the wall (or to the desired mounting structure) by means of 4 screws, and the LEDwall area can be extended simply by placing other cabinets, even of different sizes, side by side or on top. The perfect flatness between them can be adjusted so that the overall surface area is not uneven. Now all that remains is to use the network cables for the video signal input, the flat cables to connect the modules to the cabinet and the power supply: quick and easy! The modules have a magnetic back plate and therefore fit easily into the cabinet. For removal after maintenance, simply use an appropriatemagnet toolto be attached to the modules in order to remove them.