Ligra DS announces distribution of the new HELGI NT Series LFD line for the Italian market


Never before seen visual quality with the new HELGI NT Series LFDs

Ligra DS presents the new line of Professional Monitors for Smart Digital Signage by HELGI: the Serie NT.
Available in formats 55", 65", 75" e 86" NT monitors are all characterised by high brightness, anti-glare treated screen, 4K resolution and integrated Android 8.0 that makes the monitor 'Smart'. HELGI's new line of LFDs is designed to meet the latest needs in digital signage, presentation and collaboration.

The HELGI NT Series has all the features that enable the user to improve the quality of video communication with UHD resolution, 6000:1 contrast, 500 cd/m² brightness that ensure professional visibility in many application and environmental contexts, and the anti-reflection treatment further improves visual quality by avoiding annoying reflections.

Main features

  • Contrast 6000:1
  • Brightness 500 cd/m²
  • Android 8.0 pre-installed
  • Ultra-thin frame
  • Full native 4K
  • Operation 18/7
  • Anti-glare
  • Chimpa RDM Advance
  • ScreenShare PRO
  • Media Player
HELGI NT Series launch

Full management of all functions with Chimpa RDM Advance

Chimpa RDM (Remote Display Management) is a remote management solution of the device.
Thanks to its advanced functions and versatility, Chimpa RDM can be used in various areas.
With the Chimpa Advance licence, automatic workflows and alerts can be set up: every time a certain action is performed on the monitor, a notification trigger can be set up, which is also useful for security purposes: for example, if the monitor is switched on at night, or certain apps are accessed, you are immediately notified.

The main functions of Chimpa RDM Advance

App and content distribution
With Chimpa you can distribute apps and content, private APKs, settings and updates from a simple browser panel. In a few simple steps you can send documents, specific content, apps to all, or just some, of the managed devices.

Kiosk mode and single-app mode
With Chimpa RDM Advance, the monitor can be set to a specific welcome screen for your company, or be configured in Kiosk mode so that only one application can be used.


Comprehensive Management
Chimpa RDM gives you total control of your organisation's devices.



Cloud interface
clear and intuitive
suitable for users of all levels.



Protects the company from misuse of devices, allowing you to share
between personal and corporate data.



Comprehensive and fully configurable solution to suit your business needs
and how to use them.



The developer of Chimpa is
the only one in Italy to be Enterprise
Mobility Management service provider for Android.



Ready to use
HELGI is the only brand that can offer you a complete package from the first time you switch on your devices.


Managing profiles and restrictions
Chimpa RDM allows you to manage user profiles, guest profiles and even specific restrictions based on a single device or time slot. Chimpa keeps your business safe from any inappropriate use of devices by allowing you to manage personal data separately from work data, in full compliance with European GDPR regulations - a great solution in a BYOD approach.

Remote monitoring and assistance
Chimpa RDM can monitor and keep a record of all hardware and software usage reports, reporting any anomalies. Thanks to the Remote Command Input section, the supervisor can interact with the monitor as if he were physically near it to provide remote technical assistance and maintenance. Finally, from the Chimpa Admin Panel it is possible to view what the monitor is showing in real time and take control of it.

Sharing and sharing guaranteed with ScreenShare PRO

ScreenShare Pro is a solution for wireless mirroring, sharing and multidevice collaboration. The (perpetual) licence allows the ScreenShare Pro server app to be activated on the monitors' Android operating system, and there is no limit to the number of client devices (Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android) that can connect to it using the same Wi-Fi network. Among its main functions, ScreenShare Pro allows two-way mirroring (server to client and client to server) in split-screen mode. Remote control of Windows, MacOS and Linux devices, sending image, audio and video files in real time from client to server, annotation on shared documents.

Create and publish your playlist with the Media Player

Thanks to the Integrated Media Player you can upload and manage audio, video and even digital photo content from any device. With this free media player already pre-installed, it will be easy to manage content for Digital Signage by creating and scheduling your own playlists of videos and photos. It will also be possible to upload content wirelessly thanks to QR Code access. Accessing and storing your content is thus easy and intuitive: files are automatically saved in the monitor's multimedia folders without creating unnecessary duplication.