Ligra DS

Ligra srl was founded in 1994 by Modern Plastic, a company founded in the 1960s specialising in the production of plastic articles and projection screens for amateur use.

The Ligra project complements Modern Plastic's well-established line of amateur screens with a full range of media for visual communication in both the educational & conference and home theatre segments.

The early 2000s are the years of consolidation for the AV Pro division and in the 2010 against a growth in demand for specific audio and video products for teaching in schools, the Educational division is created which quickly became the most important turnover item for the company.







Reasons for the success of the Educational Division

What are the reasons for the success of the Educational for Ligra? Firstly certainly a extremely careful selection of reference brands and the products to be offered. As a distributor, Ligra feels a responsibility not only to identifying the best solutionsbut also to create them from scratch where it is not possible to find products that meet market requirements.

One of our flagship products - the interactive whiteboard TOUCHBoard powered by MimioStudio - is an example of how this philosophy has been translated into practice. Thanks to an agreement with the American company Mimio (a leading brand in the educational sector that we have distributed exclusively in Italy since 2010) we have been able to produce to our exclusive specifications an infrared interactive whiteboard model with support for six simultaneous touches accompanied by the award-winning MimioStudio software and branded Mimio.

The constant relationship not only with the network of agents, dealers and installers nationwide, but also with end users (teachers and technical staff) allows Ligra to respond to every school request: not only distributor, therefore, but also consultant and guide in choosing the right solution for each situation. The second reason for our success lies in our ability to knowing how to interpret the real and ever-changing demands coming from the school sector, in some cases anticipating them and in others recommending the most suitable solution for specific needs.

The enormous potential in terms of business makes the Educational sector attractive to many: few, however, have the ability to master it not only from a commercial point of view, but also from a technical and consulting one. The conviction that our solutions are truly a added value to offer the schools' educational proposal and not just a commodity to sell makes us particularly careful in selecting the products to be included in the catalogue and extremely motivated in offering them.

The enthusiastic response to the countless events and training courses kept in recent years confirms us in the knowledge that we are on the right path.