The technologia often frightening. Most of the time because it implies a change that not everyone is prone toand then because it involves a level of knowledge that not everyone has.  

The very rapid transformation we have been witnessing in recent years in working environments, and in collaboration environments in general, implies a real revolution for which not everyone is ready. Company employees used to meetings and the presentations with blackboards loose-leaf and prior sharing of content so that each pbones follow from their device, they now find themselves catapulted into a world where this has been vastly outclassed.  

But there is good news for those who are intimidated by all this technology: there are solutions that are so simple and easy to install and use that they make the change absolutely painless. 

E' the example of wireless presentation systems, multimedia streaming devices that allow participants in a meeting to wirelessly present content played from a PC, smartphone or tablet directly on a larger screen using screen-mirroring technology. Forget complicated configurations or time-consuming and daunting downloads: the immediacy of this technology guarantees effective and affordable collaboration experiences. How? With a click. 

Instashow by BenQ, e Tapshare by Lumens are two hardware solutions that allow you to start a presentation wirelessly in a matter of seconds. No software to install, no configuration to perform: supporting plug and play operation and being compatible with any operating system, enough connect them at the PC with an HDMI input isndard and proceed to start with a click on the button. 

With Instashow it is even possible totion button to a host receiver simply by holding down the association button on the host for five seconds, and facendo same on the transmitter for automatic wireless pairing.  

Imagine the benefit you can derive during your collaborative experiencesin any environment, a meeting room, a huddle room, a classroomInstashow e Tapshare guarantee greater fluidity, no loss of time, instant content sharing. And a truly amazing ease of use.  

When technology is truly within everyone's reach.