New Ligra-Toshiba agreement


Ligra, already Toshiba's official distributor of educational tablets and notebooks, has signed a new agreement for the distribution of the LFD Digital Signage and Hotel TV range, expanding its offer to dealers in the field of digital commercial content communication.

This new agreement aims to consolidate the collaboration between the two companies by proposing complete, professional and ad hoc solutions for dealers in the Digital Signage, Retail, Tourism and Hospitality sectors.

All Toshiba LFDs allow the display of high quality commercial content managed remotely, with graphic content, full screen video, or combinations of images, text and video, and display promotional messages for many hours at a time.

All Toshiba LFDs can also be equipped with the Business Vision softwareThis is a state-of-the-art solution for personally creating the content to be played, controlling the layout and customising the templates, even across multiple screens, allowing videos, images, text, posts and even social content to be played easily and as desired.