We-Lab: portable multimedia laboratory for schools


The We-LAB is the new portable and modular analysis laboratory that allows you to create projects and learn scientific disciplines in a simple and interactive way, through the use of smart and mobile technologies.
We-LAB is divided into hardware part and software partSpecifically, the kit consists of the Raspberry Pi-based main platformthe heart of the system, which manages the two functional modules, microscope and photometer; it is piloted via wi-fi from smartphone and/or tablet and can be powered from the mains or with a simple portable power bank.
There are two function modules in the We-LAB kit:

  1. the microscope module allows you to capture images or videos of the desired sample directly on your smartphone and/or tablet,
  2. the photometer is an optical instrument using LED technology capable of performing biochemical analyses on liquid matrices.

All the data collected and projects developed are collected and shared on the we-lab.it platform: in this way the teacher or student can build their own analysis protocols and share them with other students and schools.