Mirror Head: new expandable headlamp system


LIGRA presents a new tool for interior design: IMAGINE and then CREATE with Mirror Head

Dynamic Projection, an Austria-based company, designed Mirror Head: the most innovative tool ever made for interior design.

This device allows you to project your brand onto any surface in any kind of environment, such as advertising or information lettering used dynamically, in motion, or even images used as scenery.

Mirror Head, using high-tech digital technology, allows movements to be adjusted according to the project being realised. Thanks to its high level of performance, the entire system guarantees precision and reliability.
Mirror Head is a expandable system to various projectors which allows the realisation of complex projects. This application opens the way to unprecedented possibilities in light design and interior design.


Mirror Head yes suitable for various projector models.
The entire unit weighs approximately 8 kg and is no larger than the projector itself.
It can be mounted in the office, at event venues, upright, on the ceiling, floor, desk or, alternatively, using its own mounting bracket, on an American truss.


  • Product launches
  • Openings and Exhibitions
  • Events, Anniversaries and Celebrations
  • Waiting Areas
  • Conferences
  • Theatre Backgrounds
  • Museums and art galleries
  • Restaurants, Pubs, Disco Clubs
  • Exhibition Stands, Shopping Centres

Watch the Mirror Head video in action!

With MDC-X Media Server you can upload advertising content, video corporate communications and much more, and the possibility of programming movements, transitions and lighting effects via the 17.9 Watt LED inserted in the Mirror Head. After creating your design, you can later modify and integrate it.

Projected images, videos and writings can appear and disappear at will, swirling on sofas, curtains, floors, walls and/or ceilings.
The MDC Software Control offers various functions such as the manipulation of media contributions, geometric corrections, colour changes and the possibility of creating presets to be memorised.

In addition to MDC Software Control, the MDC-X Media Server offers other features such as remote control, MDC-Touch, as well as, interfaces for OSC, DMX / Art-NetTM.

MDC-Touch allows the user to remotely control MDC-X Media Server using any device with a browser (e.g. smartphone, tablet or desktop computer). Via Wi-Fi, it is possible to send content and movements quickly and easily while being in full control of the Mirror Head. Importantly, it allows you to control various functions of the projector such as switching the lamp on and off via RS232.

Mirror Head revolutionises dynamic projection
It's amazing, simple, effective


  • Lan/ArtNet/DMX
  • RS232/OSC/Mini USB


  • Mode01: 180°/90°
  • Mode02: 180°/162°

Accuracy of movement:

  • From starting position to programmed point ~0.01°.

Ambient light:

  • 3 colour LEDs with a total of 17.9 watts.


For info and price lists write to avpro@ligra.it