Create and control large video walls


Seada is pleased to announce that one of the largest ART-walls (video art walls) ever made has been installed inside the Siam Center in Bangkok ( Thailand ).

The video wall was created using 50 horizontal and vertical monitors in the size of 55". For video wall management, only the Seada G4K series controller.

Thanks to its unique features of input resolution (4K), the possibility of daisy chaining an infinite number of processors, and frame lock accuracy, Seada's G4Ks were able to reproduce a real wall 8K video (7680 x 2160).

For this installation, a total of 13 G4K units and 50 video screens were used, both divided into 2 groups. Each group of Seada G4Ks handled part of the content from an 8K resolution video source. Thanks to the perfect frame lock capability, the two groups of processors were able to synchronise perfectly and create a single video wall with 8K resolution.


Seada G4K Series Products

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