Ligra and Casio Announce New Distribution Agreement for LampFree Casio Projector Line


Casio's new LampFree projectors available

Ligra has added the CASIO LampFree range of projectors to its offering, namelywithout mercury vapour lamp.

Adopting innovative hybrid technology Laser + LED, CASIO projectors require no special care and maintenance of the light source or filters, thanks to avery long autonomy. Furthermore, by eliminating the lamp, CASIO models are mercury-freea toxic substance that is difficult to dispose of.

Main advantages:

  • Laser-LED technologyThe hybrid solution provides an excellent compromise between cost, small machine size and low energy consumption.
  • Lifetime of 20,000 hours of the light sourceIn case of school use, assuming 8 hours of operation for 200 days per year, the CASIO projector will not need servicing for 12 and a half years.
  • Quick switch-on and switch-offThe Laser-LED source requires no heating and cooling phase, allowing maximum brightness to be reached in just a few seconds after switching on; switching off is immediate and risk-free, and switching back on is equally immediate.
  • Dust resistanceThe special 'dust resistant' construction allows greater resistance to dust infiltration, thus eliminating the need to replace filters.
  • Wireless connectionCasio's free software is available that allows video and audio mirroring from PCs (playback of PC display and sound) without using any cables (wireless). Up to 4 PCs can be connected at the same time.
Casio's Lamp Free line includes several models suitable for small classrooms and offices as well as for professional use in auditoriums and conference rooms.



Compact projectors suitable for mobile use and for installation in small classrooms, ideal for approaching LampFree projection technology due to their low cost.
Main features:
  • Contrast 20,000:1
  • Manual zoom 1.1x (XJ-V1, XJ-V2) and 1.5x (others)
  • Inputs: VGA, HDMI, serial, audio (in-out)
  • Dust-resistant structure



Ultra-compact and ultra-light projectors, suitable for dynamic and extremely mobile use.
Main features:
  • All the LampFree technology in an A4 sheet (weight approx. 2kg)
  • 2x motorised zoom
  • Integrated 10W speaker
  • USB player input (models XJ-A147-A247-A257)
  • Dynamic brightness adjustment
  • 5 Eco-Mode Levels



Projectors for fixed installations, perfect for medium-sized, bright classrooms. Environmentally friendly, durable (20,000 hours of service life) and low power consumption.

Main features:

  • Contrast 20,000:1
  • 1.5x manual zoom
  • Integrated 16W speaker
  • Dynamic brightness adjustment
  • 7 Levels of Eco-Mode
  • USB power-supply 5V input for Chromecast devices, Miracast etc...
  • USB player input (XJ-F20XN and XJ-F210WN models)
  • LAN input and wireless readiness via separate accessory for XJ-F20XN and FX-210WN models

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Professional projector ideal for ceiling installation in auditoriums and brightly lit classrooms
Main features:
  • Brightness 4,000 Ansi Lumen
  • XGA resolution
  • 1.2x manual zoom
  • Integrated 10W speaker
  • Dynamic brightness adjustment
  • 5 Eco-Mode Levels


Ultra short throw projector suitable for classrooms for interactive whiteboards and wall-mounted installations, thanks to its 0.28:1 projection ratio and its 3100 ANSI lumens.
Main features:
  • Brightness 3100 Ansi Lumen
  • Contrast 1,800:1
  • Projection ratio 0.28:1
  • WXGA resolution with the possibility to switch to 4:3 or 16:9
  • Dual VGA input
  • LAN input
  • USB input (player and wireless adapter included)
  • Internal memory 2GB
  • Manual focus
  • Dust-resistant structure
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