Toshiba Monitors: High-impact digital signage solutions


Create impressive multi-screen messages and displays by connecting multiple monitors. The possibility of daisy chaining or screen tiling provides a flexible solution for many applications.

Why use multiple displays?

Largest Exhibition Area
Create eye-catching messages on a large scale by placing up to 100 monitors side by side in a 10×10, horizontal or vertical configuration. The new ultra-slim profile monitors allow every centimetre to be used to its full potential.
Daisy Chaning UHD links
Stream compelling content in the finest detail for an experience that leaves you speechless. The Display Port 1.2 loop-out function offers the possibility to serially connect native Full HD monitors at 4K UHD (3840×2160) resolution.
Truly Tailor-made Messages
Most Toshiba monitors have a built-in USB media player and scheduler for content management without the need to connect external players.
The scheduler allows auto on/off, control of inputs and playlists on USB. The integrated media player allows images, music or videos to be transmitted via USB without the need to connect other hardware.
Easy Content Management
To ensure greater flexibility and enjoyment of content, Toshiba displays have a variety of input and output connections including an RS-232/DisplayPort/LAN control that gives the user the freedom to access content from a variety of sources. An OPS slot eases configuration and installation by removing the need for external cables. By simply connecting a standard OPS PC, you can create smart and impressive digital signage solutions.
High Brightness for Vivid Images
Toshiba displays offer superior image quality. High-brightness LED backlight screens display images that stand out in any environment. A viewing angle of 178 degrees ensures that content remains clearly visible from any side of the monitor, as well as from above and below.
Daisy Chaining:
A single image repeated on several monitors in series
Screen Tiling:
An image distributed over several monitors to increase its size and have a larger image.

Toshiba Video Tutorial: How to connect multiple monitors in Daisy Chaining or Screen Tiling mode

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