NEC announced its collaboration with Raspberry PI

NEC plans to expand its market in smart displays, equipped with the well-known RaspberryPi mini-computer


NEC announced in a press note on 10 October that it will share a new modular open platform approach on its monitors allowing integration with devices integrating Raspberry Pi.

Initially created to teach the basics of computing in schools in developing countries, Raspberry Pi has proven to have good performance at low cost. In addition, the Raspberry Pi 3's computing module introduces new performance and networking capabilities, making it perfect for NEC displays.

With a 1.2GHz quad-cor processor, the machine is no longer just a basic computer for numerical calculation, but an intelligent device with unlimited possibilities. In addition to integrating the standard Raspberry pi 3 module, NEC will also offer a customised model to meet the specific needs of the large-format display industry.

Thus becoming an incremental part of the new platform NEC Open Modular Intelligence (OMI), Raspberry Pi 3 will integrate with the new range of professional P and V Series displays. The new displays will enable fast access to integrated and connected Internet of Things (IoT) intelligence to fnvigorate digital signage and presentations. 

The elegant design makes these displays suitable for installation in any environment. In addition, the monitor can be customised to suit your needs.

"Lhe strategy of working with Raspberry Pi is an example of how we want to continue to ensure the highest level of technology in every area in which we operate. The open platform approach provides displays with intelligence at all times thanks to the modular and interchangeable design. By integrating Raspberry Pi with our modules, we offer our customers advanced technology for digital signage, streaming and presentation management applications."said Stefanie Corinth, Senior Vice President Marketing and Business Development at NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH.

When we started developing Raspberry, our goal was to help people learn to program and create with computers. Over time, however, we have come to see 10 million Raspberry Pi's and this has prompted us to develop a third generation Raspberry for a more mature and powerful technology that can be used with NEC's smart displays. Our work with Raspberry Pi mini-computers is driven by a huge community of developers and enthusiasts while NEC's work is driven by the needs of the industry. These two factors combined allow us to present a new, innovative product that can be used in a wide variety of situations."said Eben Upton, CEO of Raspberry Pi Trading.

NEC's new series of smart displays with Raspberry Pi connectivity will be launched from January 2017.

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