Available Prima SMS720: Analog Way's first Presentation Switch


Ligra is pleased to present the first
PRESENTATION SWITCH from the Analog Way family


7×2 Seamless Matrix Scaler with Scalable Hi-Resolution Outputs

With a robust and durable construction, the new Switch PRIMA processor from ANALOG WAY, is a machine with input switching without switching to black or other colour (true seamless).

Product Overview

  • Very low processing latency
  • Independent management for each output
  • Ability to enable/disable HDCP
  • Full digital audio handling over HDMI as well as A/D and D/A conversion
  • Mode of operation: Native Matrix Switcher
Main features
  • 7 seamless inputs
  • 2 outputs with 2 different plugs (HDMI and HDBaseT)
  • Automatic input and switching detection
  • HDMI and HDBaseT outputs for simultaneous playback
  • 4 HDMI inputs (Deep Colour and CEC connection)
  • 1 Universal DVI-I
  • 2 universal analogue: composite video / S-Video / RGB analogue / YpbPr analogue (self-cognition)
  • Computer formats: 480i up to 2K / 2048×1152 (QWXGA)
  • Transitions: Fade, Cut and Wipe true seamless
  • 5 digital audio inputs
  • 7 analogue audio inputs