Ligra - NEC - Analog Way Roadshow 2016: Taking stock


The 2016 Roadshow organised by Ligra in partnership with NEC and Analog Way ended a few days ago with the Bari stop.

These are the numbers of the Roadshow that from April to September toured the whole of Italy:

  • 6 cities involved (Catania - 20 April, Turin - 18 May, Milan - 8 June, Rome - 15 June, Padua - 14 September, Bari - 21 September)
  • over 200 professionals, system integrators and resellers personally invited and met
  • many new features and products presented exclusively and which participants were able to see at work.

News and products presented at Roadshow 2016 and available at Ligra


CYP manufactures a range of over 350 products proven to offer the highest levels of performance and reliability. Extenders, matrixes, switches and splitters designed to enhance the capability of audiovisual products in any installation environment.

CYP products are the complementary solution to NEC video projectors in connectivity solutions for both system integrators and professional AV installers.
An example? The transmitter PU-514L TX by CYP is a state-of-the-art HDBaseT transmitter. It can convert a high-quality audio and video signal (up to 4K) and transfer it without compression via LAN cable (with RJ45 plug) over a distance of 60 metres.


Connected to an NEC projector, it receives the HDMI signal from any source and transmits it to the projector at a distance of 60m, guaranteeing maximum quality. The projector, thanks to the HDBaseT receiver installed onboard, will reprocess the signal and broadcast it without the need for external receivers/converters.

CYP has recently made available a new range of HDMI distribution amplifiers with support for 4K HDR, HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0. The range includes four split models capable of supporting 4K, 2K, HDR video resolutions in compliance with HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2.

QU-2-4K22 - one HDMI input to two identical HDMI outputs
QU-4-4K22 - one HDMI input to four identical HDMI outputs
QU-8-4K22 - one HDMI input to eight identical HDMI outputs
QU-10-4K22 - one HDMI input to ten identical HDMI outputs

In addition, 3D video signals and high-definition audio formats such as LPCM 7.1CH, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD Master Audio with sample rates up to 192kHz are also supported.


Seada produces a wide range of controllers specifically designed for digital signage on video walls, providing high levels of performance and support for various applications in retail, education, security and control.

The 2016 Roadshow showcased the range G4K Fanless Controller. All G4K models support one 4K resolution input source, dividing it into four outputs, each with up to 1920 × 1200 resolution at 60Hz. Each output can support independent rotation of 90, 180 and 270 degrees, and can arbitrarily crop (CROP) the original input. The resolution and frame rate of each cropped part can be scaled and resized independently for each output.


G4K controllers can be easily configured via management software on the Windows platform. The management software provides a user-friendly graphic interface, greatly simplifying system configuration. Once configured, the G4K controller will maintain the settings even without a connection to the management PC.

In the event of a power failure, settings will not be lost, and when power is restored, the G4K will reboot with the last saved setting.

The G4K controller supports all popular devices including LCD, DLP and LED displays, along with projectors for edge blending applications.

Leonardo Bongiorni, Ligra Product Manager, explains how G4K works.

Video interview conducted by Integration Mag


Dynamic Projection, an Austria-based company, designed Mirror Headthe most innovative tool ever made for interior design.

This device makes it possible to project on any surface in any kind of environment, such as advertising or information lettering used dynamically, in motion or even images used as scenery.


Mirror Head, using high-tech digital technology, allows the adjustment of movements according to the project at hand. Thanks to its high level of performance, the entire system guarantees precision and reliability.
Mirror Head is a system expandable to a variety of projectors that allows the realisation of complex projects.


Lumens manufactures products for both the professional audio-video and educational sectors. During the Ligra 2016 Roadshow, some of the most innovative ptz camera models were on display.

La Lumens VC-A70H 4k PTZ features a 1 /2.3-inch CMOS sensor with professional 'Exmor R' progressive scan and a 9-megapixel output resolution to deliver clear and vivid live images. The 12X optical zoom combined with 12X digital zoom offers excellent white balance, and an exposure mode that can produce sharp images even in low light or extreme contrast conditions.

The VC-A70H camera is equipped with an HDBaseT extender interface that allows video signal transmission in Ultra HD resolution over distances of up to 70 metres via CAT5/6 cable or higher.


Lumens Capture Vision Station VS-LC102A station for capturing, storing and transmitting Full HD 1080p multimedia content.
VS-LC102 supports up to 4 simultaneous input sources with 2 HDMI/VGA inputs (Max 1080p/60fps,1920×1080) and 2 Full HD network cameras or 4 network cameras (VC-A20P Lumens type). On the output side, there are 2 outputs (Hdmi/VGA) of 1080p/60fps. Audio is handled by No. 2 Audio In (Line In,Mic) and No. 1 audio with stereo 3.5mm mini jack (2 channels).

Lumens VC-A60S is a video camera designed for large environments where high zoom power is essential, such as meeting rooms, auditoriums and conference halls. In fact, the camera is equipped with a 30X optical zoom and a 12X digital zoom, making it the highest performing model in the Lumens range. Like all Lumens cameras, it is capable of Full HD resolution at 60 fps thanks to its professional 2.8" 2MP CMOS sensor.

Lumens VC-B20U is a USB video interface product dedicated to the world of video conferencing with VOIP (Voice over IP) systems such as Skype, WebEx and many others.
It features a 1/2.8-inch Sony image sensor with 1080p Full HD output resolution and a high-dynamic image rate of 60 frames per second. A 5x optical zoom lens, excellent white balance and an exposure mode capable of producing sharp images even in low light conditions make this product suitable for all types of video conferencing.

Analog Way

Analog Way brought to Roadshow 2016 the powerful Ascender 48, a multi-screen switcher equipped with 12 independent inputs and 42 connectors, including 6 HDMI, 9 DVI-I, 3 DisplayPort, 12 3G/HD/SD-SDI and 12 analogue inputs. Ascender 48 can handle any video source, with resolutions up to 2560×1600 and 4K. Up to 2 Ascender 48 (or Ascender 32) units can be connected to add inputs and outputs to a 24×8 matrix ecosystem with 2 Live Mosaic previews. The Ascender 48 can be controlled from a Vertige console, as well as directly from the front panel via the colour TFT display or through the RCS Web software, designed specifically for the LiveCore platform, which offers an intuitive interface that allows the operator to prepare and control the entire presentation.


Another top product is the Vio 4Kdubbed by engineers as Analog Way's 'Swiss Army Knife', the VIO 4K is an indispensable tool for anyone working with video direction. VIO 4K is an 'All in One' or 'Tool Box' solution for video signal management.

Thanks to a powerful internal scaler, this Analog Way machine allows upscaling and downscaling of any source (up to 4K) and with any type of plug to be dealt with. As input and output, the VIO4K accommodates the entire range of the most common plugs used in the AVpro world on its rear panel.

We will have Universal Analogue (VGA plug), HDMI, Display Port, 6G-SDI,DVI dual link and Optical 6G-SDI as inputs. As outputs we will have Universal Analogue (VGA plug), HDMI, Display Port, 6G-SDI,DVI dual link and Optical 6G-SDI simultaneously. This small monitor makes it possible not only to check settings, but also to preview the source we are dealing with.

Demetrio Faroldi, Analog Way Sales Manager for Italy, explains the features of the Vio 4K controlled by a Vertige console.

Video interview conducted by Integration Mag


NEC, with its wide range of projectors and displays, provided the opportunity to experience first-hand the most technologically advanced features on the market.
In particular, the complete range of projectors with FULL LASER technology was presented, placing NEC at the forefront of 'lamp free' projection solutions, with a range starting from 5,000 Ansi Lumens P502HLand up to 12,000 Ansi Lumens 3 DLP PH1202HLthrough the intermediate brightnesses of 6,000 AL (PX602UL), 8,000 AL (PX803UL) and 10,000 AL with the brand new PX1004UL, which was shown as a European preview during the roadshow and will enter the range in the coming weeks.
Customers were equally interested in the wide range of professional displays, which starting from 32″ covers all the needs of professionals up to 90" Full HD and 98" UHD, with budget entry level and professional solutions with ultra-thin bezels for video walls and monitors with PC OPS for high-performance installations.
These include Shadow Sense technology, a touch technology that allows for maximum experience and accuracy of touch and touch control, whether through fingers, pens or other freely configurable system objects, and which is unaffected by ambient brightness even under spot and very powerful lighting conditions.
Shadow Sense technology is available on all MultiSync E and MultiSync X series monitors such as the NEC E905 and the brand new NEC X981UHD.

Massimo Gaetano, Field Sales Engineer NEC Display Solution Europe, explains the features of Shadow Sense technology in NEC interactive monitors.

Video interview conducted by Integration Mag

Among the software provided free of charge by NEC is NaviSet Administrator 2, remote management and control software for projectors, desktop monitors and large-format displays that enables remote diagnosis, control and intervention in the settings of ret-connected devices. For example, it allows the status and working hours of projector lamps to be checked, filters and fans to be cleaned, and more generally allows reporting, analysis and control of installed devices.


Finally, NEC presented the new Multipresenter which allows you to share video contributions, images and presentations via WIFI directly from your computer, tablet or smartphone to the projector/screen without the use of any cables. The Multipresenter can connect to an existing WIFI network or create its own (Hotspot). The MP10RX presenter is connected to the monitor or video projector via an HDMI male plug and is powered via USB from the device itself. The device supports resolutions up to 1920×1080 30Fps and up to 16 simultaneous connections.