Classroom 3.0 is a reality at the Institute of Higher Education via Gramsci


Favouring PON funding for the creation of innovative Digital Environments and the evolution of the traditional classroom concept, the Istituto d'Istruzione Superiore via Gramsci (Province of Rome) created two classrooms 'augmented' by technology in which the traditional desk was excluded, the space was redistributed with modular desks and ergonomic 3.0 chairs.

The teacher has an 80-inch Touchboard by Mimio interactive whiteboard connected to a BenQ MW853UST ultra-short-throw projector and a Toshiba R50-B-11Z laptop for richer, more engaging lessons.

In addition, each student has a Toshiba WT10-A-102 tablet with wifi connection to interact with the teacher and enjoy multimedia content and access materials and resources made available by the teacher via the Internet. To facilitate recharging and synchronising the tablets in the classroom, a LapCabby LAPTAB32HC trolley has been installed where students can store their tablets at the end of the lesson so that they can be recharged and updates and apps can be installed for use in the next lesson.

The design and supply of the products were handled entirely by Ligra. For further information

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