Mirror Head's success in the museum, retail and rental market continues.




Following its launch in September 2016, Dynamic Projection's Mirror Head evolves with a dedicated product for the rental market.

Now available is the MH14 model for large projectors.

Dynamic Projection unveiled, during a Roadshow in collaboration with Panasonic, the latest version of the Mirror Head product created for the PT-DZ21K, PT-DZ21K2, PT-RQ13K, PT-RZ12K Series large projectors.
During this tour, which took in cities such as Paris, Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen, the interest in Dynamic Projection technology amazed and delighted the many visitors. This success led the Austrian company to increase the investment made with the new MH14 model, announcing the imminent release of a version for the Panasonic PT-DZ31K models

How does Mirror head work?

Mirror head is the only device on the professional AV market that allows you to move the projection of images, films, lights, etc. by adapting it to any surface in the surrounding environment.
The heart of the Mirror Head system resides in the MDC -X Media Server control unit.
Using this system it is possible to create customised events by mixing films, mapping with geometric variations, fade out/in, time lists, scheduling times/days/weeks and much more.
Mirror Head is basically composed of four elements :
  • A projector with power and technical characteristics at the discretion of the end user
  • Motorised mirror: is the dynamic element with which we achieve movement in the environment
  • BracketChoice of wall-mounted, free-standing or free-standing
  • A mediaserver choose between 2 versions: single projector or double projector .
Mirror head was designed with brackets suitable for any make and type of projector.
The bracket on which the motor for the movement of the projection mirror is installed is available with solutions for free-standing, floor or wall mounting. This mirror is able, through very precise movements, to reflect the projection (usually static and dedicated to a single space) into the surrounding environment.
Wall hanging
Hanging in American
Table/Floor stand








The MDC-X media server

With the MDC-X mediaserver, we can easily and independently create artistic and original projections, map surfaces of any kind, create picture-in-picture, presentations, animations, image cuttings and alignments using our own media footage and adapting them to the most diverse surfaces.
With MDC-X we can transfer any source (PC, DVD player, media player, etc.) directly to the Mirror Head, and project any kind of contribution without difficulty.
Images and videos can be organised at will and processed, using the powerful functions of the internal software.
The MDC software offers functions such as filemedia processing, geometric corrections, seamless transitions, presets and DMX / Art-NetTM control.
All these functions can be used simultaneously and in real time to achieve hitherto unimaginable results.

MDC TOUCH - Remote control

Dynamic Projection presents the new app for remote control of the MDC media server from the browser. This app is designed for devices such as tablets, smartphones, PCs and laptops.

Using these devices, basic functions can be controlled through a simple but effective user interface.

Watch the demonstration videos!

Gallery Invasion from Skullmapping on Vimeo.

#TheMH14 - New wings for 3-chip DLP projectors, with quick, secure and easy snap-in mounting for stack frames. from Dynamic Projection Institute on Vimeo.

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