New Line of Universal Pro Projector Ceiling Mounts

Ligra is pleased to present the new line of Universal Pro projector ceiling mounts.
Fine tune' technology offers advanced positioning capabilities that allow you to adjust the tilt of the projector on different axeseven once the projector has been mounted. This saves installation time and makes the Universal bracket perfect if you plan to change projectors in the future.
fixing arms are articulated and telescopic, to fit virtually all projector models.
Universal Pro mounts offer a minimum contact surface with the projector itself, which is essential to ensure proper ventilation of the projector.

The available models are:

504351with 20 cm fixed arm [download data sheet]
504352with telescopic arm from 45 to 65 cm [download data sheet]
504353with telescopic arm from 75 to 125 cm [download data sheet]

For availability and questions contact Ligra ( or your area agent