New Panasonic RZ21K laser projector: the world's smallest and lightest

Presentation of the RZ21K.
The world's smallest and lightest 20,000 lm laser projector.

Regardless of whether you are running an event, planning a show or hiring equipment to those involved in these activities, you definitely need a projector that will emotionally engage your audience.

Often large projections with vivid, colourful images are accompanied by factors lacking in flexibility and cumbersome dimensions, where is it possible to find a projector that handles all this in one solution?

Unleash your creativity with the new Panasonic RZ21K.

The RZ21K is designed to enable long-lasting projection even in permanent installations and in the harshest conditions. Its light and compact design allows for easy installation and space saving. The RZ21K is designed for 24/7 continuous operation with very little maintenance, resulting in a low cost of ownership.

A large screen projector offering outstanding image quality, the Panasonic RZ21K is:

  • More compact - with a unit weighing only 49 kg
  • Brighter - with a 20,000 lm projector for extraordinary visualisation
  • More flexible - compatible with any Panasonic DLP™ 3-chip optics and can be installed at any angle
  • More reliable - with time-stable colour uniformity and built-in redundancy
  • The best of the best! - everything you know and love about the DZ21K projector... simply better!

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