New NEC MultiSync C Series: Seamless integration for great visual performance

Modern rooms are designed bright and airy with a minimalist look and require clutter-free spaces.
The new NEC MultiSync C series, designed for both horizontal and vertical orientationis the ideal solution for these environments. Thanks to its characteristic stand-alone requires no additional cabling, ensures a precise and seamless result, with the only additional hardware required being a USB drive or MicroSDHC. The simple plug-in solution also saves time and resources.

With a powerful Integrated MediaPlayer , the NEC MultiSync C series processes image and video media file formats perfectly.

Using NaViSet Administrator 2, NEC's powerful remote management and software management suite, the multi-device installations can be centrally controlled. The settings of automatic playback allow you to schedule the playback of content according to time and date; useful in many applications: to wish your customers a good morning before noon, or to list certain menus only at certain times.

The new NEC MultiSync series will soon be available in three different sizes:

For availability and questions contact Ligra ( or your area agent