New Panasonic MZ670 laser projectors available

Panasonic has recently introduced the flexible and affordable Solid Shine laser projectors of the MZ670 series to the market. Designed for single screen projection and equipped with advanced collaboration technologies, these projectors are perfect for educational establishments and large companies.

The MZ670 series promises long-lasting performance and requires minimal maintenance. The laser light source, combined with LCD technology, provides a brightness of 6,500 lumens and unrivalled WUXGA image quality. The compact, lightweight body is designed for ultra-quiet operation (28 dB), keeping speakers in the spotlight.

The MZ670 is easy to install and use in any classroom or meeting room, thanks to its interchangeable lenses (compatible with the PT-EZ770 series lenses). An optional ET-WM300 wireless module extends the collaboration technologies of the MZ670 series by adding 5 GHz wireless projection capabilities that support the reception of streaming content from various devices and allow optimal simultaneous use for multiple users.

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