Hey!U - The easiest way to 'keep an eye' on the class

Hey!U: a contribution to everyday teaching

Teachers are often unsure whether the content of the lessons has been fully assimilated. Many students find it difficult to ask questions - if only out of shyness - and the doubts, day after day, become real gaps that are harder and harder to fill. Hey!U makes interaction between students and teachers easier.

hey!U is a small screen connected via a flexible arm to the USB port of the student's computer or device, thanks to which the teacher can have real-time feedback, at a glance, of the students' level of attention and comprehension: even the shyest ones, who might not raise their hand to say 'I didn't understand'.

hey!U allows the teacher to see which application is being used by each individual student at that moment: a simple visual supervision tool that makes it possible for students to use their devices in the classroom: computers, tablets and even smartphones! hey!U works simultaneously with devices of various types (Windows, MacOs, Android, iOS and ChromeOS) and is therefore ideal for the BYOD. It does not require any special configuration or access to the school network or the Internet, hey!U is truly within everyone's reach!
A few examples of the functions of hey!U:


students can express in real time whether they have understood a concept/topic or whether they have partially understood it, allowing doubts to be resolved.


students select the answer they think is correct.


students can write the answer to an open question. the same answers will be shown in the same colour.


students can easily express their opinion on topics presented by the teacher.


Teachers can ensure that students are always using the correct application.