New TapShare TS20 by Lumens available soon

Lumens TapShare TS20:
Wireless Collaboration Tool

Lumens introduces the all-new TapShare TS20 with 802.11ac 5G Wi-Fi for even smoother wireless collaboration and a better presentation experience.
Easy to install because there are no cables, drivers or software required, the TapShare TS20 has a built-in multiple interface including HDMI, display port, USB and IP. The TapShare is also compatible with all HDMI sources and displays, and supports 'Split Screen Display' for up to four screens so that all team members can share their ideas at the same time.
Lumens TapShare is ideal in Education, Corporate, Conference and Auditorium contexts.

Main features:

  • Easy to install without additional software or drivers
  • Easy one-click operation and real-time sharing
  • Supports cable connection for various environments
  • Supports four split screens simultaneously
  • Multiple interface: HDMI / Display / USB / IP port
  • Easy sharing of iOS devices with a single cable
  • Supports reverse control from touch TV
  • Fully compatible with all mobile devices and laptops