New Panasonic MZ670/MZ570 Series: 3 LCD Projectors with Solid Shine Laser Technology

Flexible and Affordable Laser Projection

Ligra presents the new Panasonic 3 LCD projector series with laser technology for classrooms and meeting rooms of any size.

Featuring flexible installation, interchangeable optics, ultra-low noise level, twice-washable dust filter and 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, these projectors are ideal for university and corporate environments.

Two models are available:

  • PT-MZ670WUXGA, 6,500 lm
  • PT-MZ570WUXGA, 5,500 lm

Technical characteristics:

  • Light sensor which automatically detects ambient light levels and adjusts the image brightness accordingly to provide a clear view even in low or brightly lit situations.
  • The optional wireless module The ET-WM300 adds a wide range of collaborative features that allow you to project wirelessly from multiple devices, present without a PC, and network and stream content securely. These functions make the MZ670 perfect for presentations, interactive lectures, training, brainstorming and other collaborative meetings.
  • Designed for operation at ultra-low noise (26 dB in Quiet Mode). Quieter than the sound of a pencil on a paper, it leaves the audience free to concentrate on the speaker, without distraction.
  • Flexible installation with interchangeable lenses and vertical and horizontal movement of the lens.
  • Compact and lightweight, with the small footprint and a weight of just 15 kg.

DEMO units available: for info and requests write to