PTZ Lumens and Matrox Mura IPX boards for H.264 SRT streaming

Lumens Digital Optics and Matrox Graphics recently announced the compatibility of their Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) products.

In fact, the PTZ cameras of the Lumens VC-A50P support the Full HD 1080p@60fps streaming, including H.264 with SRT protocol for lecture capture, video conferencing and live broadcasting applications.

The new technological collaboration allows customers to show up to four video streams from PTZ series cameras VC-A50P on four displays via Mura IPX multiviewer and up to eight streams on up to nine monitors in videowall systems containing a Mura IPX capture and IP decoding card combined with a Matrox or third-party graphics card.

The complete end-to-end system simplifies the transport, decoding and display of high-quality H.264 video streams at full resolution and frame rate, ideal for any AV-over-IP environment.



Also available is the new Lumens VC-A50PN with NDI technology

NDI ™ (Network Device Interface) is an open protocol developed by NewTek ™ for enable compatible video products to share video over a local network.NDI enables multiple video systems to identify and communicate with each other over IP, and to codify, ttransmit and receive many high-quality, low-latency, frame-accurate video and audio streams in real time. This new protocol can benefit any networked video device, including video mixers, graphics systems, capture cards and many other production devices.

The NDI can operate in bidirectional on a local networkwith many video streams over a shared connection. Its encoding algorithm is independent of resolution and frame rate, supporting 4K (and more) with 16 channels (and more) of floating-point audio. The protocol also includes tools that implement video access rights, grouping, bi-directional metadata and IP commands.

Performance compared to standard GigE networks makes it possible to turn facilities into a IP video production pipeline incredibly versatile without negating existing investments in cameras and SDI infrastructure, or expensive new high-speed network infrastructure.

Download the data sheet of the Lumens VC-A50P and the new VC-A50PN

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