In modern Prague, the historical centre is full of trendy clubs, bars, restaurants and cafés, which amaze the public with refined gastronomic specialities, exquisite drinks and scenic interiors.

Among them, Crazy Daisy breathed new life into the basement of the Astra Palace on Wenceslas Square.

Permanent static effects were added to the quality of service and projected video animationsas those of a running tram in the centre of Prague or a flight into interstellar space.

Thanks to the installation of eight Space Player™ laser projectorswith a modern and compact spotlight-like design, five animations were produced that can be customised to accompany various events, from birthday parties to company meetings.

A particular difficulty of the project is the location. The palace is a listed building with many of its original decorations still in place. Consequently, artistic protection constraints prevent any changes to its appearance. Therefore, when installing the projectors for the animation, the designers had to find the best way to combine them discreetly in the design of the room.

Thanks to its compactness and lightness, the PT-JW130 greatly facilitates assembly operations. Powered by normal electrical cables, of the type common in homes and businesses, the eight Panasonic PTJW130 laser projectors were used to cover the entire mapping area of the bar.

The use of laser technology allows maintenance to be kept to a minimum. Unlike conventional lamp projectors, the PT-JW130 requires no filter or lamp replacement and is designed for 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation.

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