The Building Heritage Centre of the National Technical Museum in the city of Plasy focuses on the history of the country's buildings and highlights almost 2,000 years of design, from Roman times to the 19th century.

The Centre is part of the National Technical Museum of the Czech Republic, located in Prague. The Centre houses the first permanent exhibition on construction in the Czech Republic and also offers space for a large repository of exhibits under study.

In order to enhance the project, a range of AV technologies have been used in numerous interactive displaysdeveloped and installed by Czech integrator AVMedia that exploit animation, projection mapping and interactivity to attract visitors and offer them a much more immersive experience.
A variety of technologies from Panasonic Visual Systems were used in the museum, including several 47″ and 42″ LFE and LFV series displays, as well as five projectors PT-RZ370.

The projectors recreate the construction process of the Centre, projecting a hologram showing the buildings taking shape until the project is completed.

The high brightness and resilience of laser projection ensures a consistent experience for visitors. The latest generation of laser projectors offer a superior brightness to that of conventional lamp projectors and guarantee a operation up to 20,000 hours maintenance-free. Despite the intensive use typical of a museum exhibition, the management of the Centre optimises the time available, as there is no need to change lamps or filters.

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