Video mapping: the spectacular encounter between communication and architecture

More and more churches are becoming the scene of projections. That of the video mapping is a new form of shared artIntuitive, visual impact that touches thresholds of spectacularity never reached before.
Churches but not only: monuments, prefectures, town halls and great modern and ancient architectural wonders become the projection surface for messages and images. So we are not talking about the usual screens/tels, but real buildings and monuments.  

Artistic/promotional/commercial event: an 'architectural' spectacle 

The technique of video mapping is often used not only for purely artistic purposes, but also for promotional reasons.
The projection is carried out using a special programme that allows work and modifications on a photo of the building. The result is then adapted and reproduced on the building using a special projector. All the user has to do is simply select the right distance from the building and the rest will take care of itself: the processed images will be superimposed on the façade of the building.
The spectacular effect is based on the play of colour and original shapes that follow one after the other, with breathtaking three-dimensional images and effects.
In order to get the most out of the video mapping you should contact valid companies able to make use of professional control systems, precise mapping of the projection surface, with the ability, therefore, to map even façades that cannot be reached from the front, as well as the availability of video projectors powerful enough not to perceive the actual geometry of the façade. 
The 'insiders' must be truly competent, as it is on their skill that the images are visible from as many angles as possible, so that the effect is realistic in 360 degrees.   

The façade of a building becomes a dynamic screen 

That of the video mapping is, therefore, a new projection technique based on the customisation of images according to the facade of the building.
Through this spectacular form of projection of images, it is possible to amplify and emphasise the beauty of a church or any other structure, complementing them with surprising scenery. As anticipated, the technique of video mapping can be used also for the launch of new productsto promote a service, to relaunch a company, to communicate events or to celebrate an anniversary.
Le companies specialising in this technique offer content that is the result of meticulous work carried out by comparing the preferences of each individual client with a study of the peculiarities of the event, the best communication and brand promotion formula, based on the target audience, and, at the same time, possibly based on the history of the area to be mapped.
The technique of video mapping è very ductile and flexibleso much so that it can be used for projections on any surface, even indoors, in theatres, at trade fairs and in exhibition spaces large and small.  

La technique of video mapping certainly at the moment it is one of the most spectacular solutions one can go for an event or ceremony. Especially when used in combination with other effects, this guarantees an unforgettable multi-sensory experience.