Large format display: 5 reasons why it is the best communication tool

The increasing adoption of large-format displays in corporate office spaces raised many questions about the need to investigate what objectives can be achieved with these sophisticated tools.
The continuous evolution in AV solutions in corporate environments is driven by the realisation that changing tools in large and small environments, i.e. meeting rooms, companies, offices, shops, shop windows, etc., is now vital.
Here are some reasons why large-format displays can ensure success in terms of profits and business improvement.
But let's go in order and discover the reasons why it is the large-format display is really a great communication tool. 

1. Possibilities by communicate with everyone in a direct and strategic manner

The possibility offered by the large display to interface with employees, collaborators and partners in ways that are always different and suitable for all target groups is certainly one of the main reasons behind the spread of these extraordinary communication tools. 

2. Ability to adapt in any context

The growth in the annual purchase/rental volume of display large also depends on another factor: the ability of a large-format display to fit perfectly into any location.
These displays can in fact be made of several modular panels or can consist of a single panel.
This is the case, for example, with the video wall, monitors consisting of plus display joined together: these guarantee a high degree of customisation as they are modular and easy to assemble at will, theoretically without space limitations. 

3. Moderate costs

On the supply side, recent years have seen an increasing diversification of solutions in terms of communication tools in the field of video projection. The consequence of this diversification has been increasing availability for all and this has, in turn, led to cost containment of solutions designed to serve small environments such as SME offices. 
The increasing improvement of screen hardware solutions, the decreasing cost of low-end media players and the growing availability of template-based content management solutions have made the use of display of large dimensions more accessible to all companies. 

 4. Flexibility

One of the biggest advantages of the display of large dimensions is the flexibility offered by these solutions. Any screen in any location can receive any video stream on the network. Moreover, adding additional screens is as simple as adding an additional Ethernet switch to the existing infrastructure. More than 50% of the companies that keep up with technology currently use the digital signage in their offices and plan to dismantle the most archaic video-projection tools within the next two years.   

5. Changing displays in a changing world

The way of doing communication has drastically changed in 10 years. Before, a meeting, whether it took place indoors, outdoors, in offices, shops, production centres, universities, etc., took place with video projectors on canvas or even on a wall. In today's technological world, something like that would really be unacceptable. 

 In general, SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) show a strong propensity for growth in the adoption of digital reproduction tools at a time when the market in our country is also starting to show signs of interest in renewing the existing outdated communication infrastructure.