PTZ camera technology facilitates smart working

PTZ is an acronym that stands for Pan, Tilt, Zoomand characterises those cameras who can make a movement from right to left, rotate along the vertical axis up and down, and zoom in on details of interest. This technology offered by the recent motorised cameras allows so to frame certain areas within a large shooting area in the best possible waymaking these products particularly adatti to wide-angle scenes and tightly framed close-ups 

At a time when the video conferences, remote meetings and video lectures have undergone a significant increase, it is not difficult to imagine how these products can be a discriminating factor in the quality of collaborative experiences, both in the corporate and the education. 

Imagine a lecturer giving a lecture in a large university classroom at connecting with students from homeor a manager who has to make a presentation to remotely connected colleaguesthe possibility of being able to rely on a device motorised and of which it is possible to adjust movement and framing, guarantees definitely a field of action better.  

AVer e Lumens propose excellent products in this respect.  

PTZ310 from AVer and the VC series of Lumens with 1080p Full HD resolution offersono outstanding image quality and maximum sharpness.