Distribution agreement signed between Ligra DS and Pulse Origin

Ligra DS | Distribution agreement signed between Ligra DS and Pulse Origin

Pulse Origin is pleased to announce a partnership with Ligra DS for the distribution in the Italian market of its universal, scalable and user-friendly wireless projection system, developed and manufactured in France by the company's team.

Simplicity and immediacy in wireless image projection

Pulse Origina French company specialising in wireless transmission technologies based in Grenoble, has produced its first product, Pulse Box, a unit capable of projecting images onto a display from devices such as PCs, tablets and smartphones without the need for cables, accessories and installing applications: the first step towards the integration of remote collaboration services such as voting systems, quizzes and video conferencing.

The main applications are in the area of meeting rooms, where the aim of Pulse Origin is to free them from any cable cabling and thus improve interaction between participants, who can continue to use their devices, even if they are heterogeneous.

With Pulse Box, you can share the contents of your multimedia devices on the main display in the meeting room without the use of cables and with a simple click from your web browser.

With the Pulse Box, you can easily change the presenter, i.e. the device from which the screen is projected; there is full compatibility with Airplay, Miracast and WebRTC.

How does the Pulse Box work?

The concept of screen sharing is certainly nothing new. From smart TVs to the most sophisticated professional IFP monitors that integrate a Wi-Fi receiver (even without necessarily being equipped with OPS), it is possible to share the multimedia content of one's own devices via the network, wired or wireless. 

However, precisely, not all of these displays allow Wi-Fi connectivity, and furthermore, they always require a specific application already installed, which also allows managing multiple users (usually 4 or 8). Furthermore, those without a minimum of experience may find it difficult to manage the connection. And therein lies the genius of the Pulse Box, despite its simplicity! 

The unit connects to any monitor or display via the HDMI port and acts as a Wi-Fi access point itself. No application needs to be installed and the connection to your smart device is wireless. A Plug & Play solution to simplify life even for those unfamiliar with technology.

The Pulse Box can be integrated into one's own corporate network in five different ways, depending on how guests and internal employees will have access to the network and its restrictions:

As can be seen from this table, both employees and external guests (visitors) will be able to project content on the display to which the Pulse Box is connected.

Main features

video cables in meeting rooms are no longer necessary, content is displayed on one's own device

without the constraint of cables one can move freely, improving presentations
views take place from one's seat without the need to move around

The benefits

 po view content from any device such as a smartphone, tablet or computer 

no need to install an application or use an accessory to view content

thanks to secure data exchange protocols, multi-network connection and certificate management

with automatic updates, introduction of new features and additional collaboration services 'à la carte

Installation steps

the box is set up in seconds and ready to use
possible on two networks, Corporate and Guest

no application, no accessories, no cables

automatic updates from secured servers

The Administration Console

All Pulse Box functions are managed via WEB management, through an administration console. To access it, simply type in the appropriate URL and enter the IP address obtained.

The administration console allows you to

  • Enabling different projection protocols (MiracastAirplay etc.). 
  • Assigning a fixed IP address and DNS configuration 
  • Using the Wi-Fi client connection 
  • Updating the firmware 
  • Enable or disable your Access Point (use as a hotspot) 
  • Customising the home screen