Dynamic Projection Institute

With museums, libraries and archives temporarily closed due to Covid, how can people be encouraged to rediscover famous artists of the past in a new light? Among the various media proposals, there is one alternative: to involve travellers at the airport, for example, or at a railway station with a form of entertainment based on a video projector with Mirror Head.

This is what Skullmapping has once again done with the Panasonic PT-RZ21K laser projector and the Mirror Head MH14 at Brussels airport for a whole year, where Rubens' Cupid flew away from his paintings to distract visitors waiting for their flight.

Skullmapping is strong in cultural stories, and in addition to the whimsical winged boy, it is Brueghel's black-and-white engravings that are filled with colour and come to life.

The following two videos show an example of the application of Mirror Head technology for such purposes: