Distribution agreement signed between Ligra DS and SMC

Ligra DS is pleased to announce a partnership for the exclusive distribution on the Italian market of the SMC Inductive Technology Solutions dedicated to Higher Technical Institutes for vocational training. The Japanese company is a world leader in the field of industrial automation with over 60 years of experience in the industry.

Thanks to the agreement signed, Ligra DS joins the world of technical and vocational training, adding to its catalogue a wide range of teaching solutions dedicated to learning the disciplines related to Industrial Automation. These include pneumatics and electropneumatics, mechatronics, hydraulics, industry 4.0smart factory and digital training, thanks to innovative simulation and e-learning software.

SMC - Industrial Automation Experts and Enthusiasts

Founded in April 1959 in Tokyo, in Japan, and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange since 1989, SMC Corporation now employs over 21,600 people in 80 countries worldwide. Since its inception, the Group has evolved along with its customers' needs to offer a comprehensive portfolio of components for industrial automation.

Today, the range of solutions offers 12,000 products basic and over 700,000 variants. The most important company resource is the ftechnical expertise. Five technical centres, two of which are located in Europe (Germany and the UK), and 1,700 engineers ensure the technical drive and cutting-edge products.

SMC Italy is distinguished by its spirit of continuous innovation in the field of pneumatic and electronic components for theindustrial automation.
One of the most extensive product ranges on the market, constant technological development, efficient production and distribution, continuous training and impeccable service are the prerequisites on which the attention and proximity to the customer in all production processes is based, in order to always guarantee the best solutions.

Educational Solutions of Technologies for Industry

SMC solutions are born from the desire to to better support schools in their path of innovation and work orientation of students. Providing industrial tools enables high schools, vocational training schools and post-diploma schools (ITS) to prepare students for the world of work in the most complete way by fully attaining those skills that are increasingly in demand and necessary in the manufacturing sector for a future-oriented school.

Industrial Automation is the discipline that integrates new technologies to improve working conditions, create new business models and increase the productivity and production quality of plants. SMC designs Industrial Mechatronics equipment that uses Automation to make any production plant more efficient.

Hydraulic science studies the motion of liquids. With SMC solutions it is possible to measure and control flow, pressure, metering, analysis, filtration, temperature or process automation related to the circulation of a fluid. With these systems, it is possible to see inside the components, to know them and to understand how they work, so SMC instruments make it possible to study the principles of hydraulics.

Industry 4.0 encompasses the concept of Smart Factories, i.e. physical systems that are closely connected to IT systems and can interact and collaborate with other Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). This is the basis for decentralisation and collaboration between systems, which is closely linked to the concept of Industry 4.0.

Pneumatics, like all technologies, follows a progressive evolution over time in order to best respond to the ever-changing requirements of industrial products and their means of production. This constant process of transformation has led to changing objectives from time to time and progressively modifying the shape and structure of components and systems to better meet market requirements.

The SMC offer


MODULAR KITS: each solution can be integrated and extended with others to form more complex and articulated industrial systems. Assistance from installation to testing to after-sales training is guaranteed for each system.


AUTOSIM-200: the software designed to design and simulate pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical and electronic circuits. 3D simulations of industrial environments can also be found within the application.


E-LEARNING-200: the course that allows flexible learning through which knowledge of basic industrial automation technologies can be acquired. The student can choose how and when to take the lessons online.