Nakanoshima's forest of children's books

Ligra DS | Nakanoshima's Forest of Children's Books

Nakanoshima's forest of children's books

A paradise for children and adults who want to escape from the reality of screens: this is the gift that the famous Japanese architect Tadao Ando has given to his hometown, Osaka. On Dojimagawa River Island, in Nakanoshima Park, there is a building designed for children: the Kodomo Honnomori Nakanoshima or 'Nakanoshima's forest of children's books'. It is so called because it was filled with books from top to bottom, right to left, ceiling to floor. 

The uncovered walls inside are used for a dynamic projection-based exhibition called 'Fragments of Texts', created by Rhizomatiks Design. The 'fragments' are short phrases or aphorisms extrapolated from different texts and brought to life through an immersive dynamic projection show made possible thanks to the technology of Dynamic Projection with mirror head MH08-506L. Characters move everywhere on a projection surface as high as 12 metres.

The opening of a book will activate an experience perfectly integrated into the immersive architecture: a perfect visual way of capturing the viewer's interest and dragging them... inside a text!

Mirror Head for Optoma laser projectors 506 Series