Exclusive distribution agreement signed between Ligra DS and Apex

Ligra DS is pleased to announce a partnership with APEX - brand of Belgian manufacturer GiVa Audiovisual Technologies BVBA - for the distribution of its line of power amplifiers, signal processors and complementary electronics on the Italian market.

APEX is a manufacturer of professional AV equipment with 25 years of experience behind it. In more than two decades, it has built an excellent reputation by combining audio quality with ease of use. The APEX catalogue ranges from 4-channel Class D installation amplifiers with DSP belonging to the CloudPower family with power ratings from 350 to 3000 W per channel to digital signal processors, which came to light in 2017 with the Intelli-X line, via a pair of devices made to protect the audience from excessive sound levels during events, since they monitor SPL and level the signal when it exceeds a certain threshold. APEX audio products have always been at the forefront of technology, from the first paragraphic equaliser to the IX² series DSP processors, used worldwide at many of the highest profile events.

CloudPower amplifiers

CloudPower is a next-generation family of four-channel Class D power amplifiers built on the direct drive architecture called GlidePath™for absolute audio performance. Multiple amplifiers can be easily monitored and controlled remotely via the APEX Cloud using the web user interface. Available in four models ranging from 350 W to 3000 W per channel, the CloudPower family is an efficient solution for applications ranging from karaoke rooms to opera houses.

Going into more detail, here are the four models currently available:

  • CP354: 4 x 350 W installation amplifier
  • CP704: 4 x 700 W installation amplifier  
  • CP1504: 4 x 1500 W installation/touring amplifier
  • CP3004: 4 x 3000 W installation/touring amplifier  

As mentioned, the CloudPower series of power amplifiers is based on the GlidePath™ architecture, with fully integrated DSP control and amplification circuits. What is this all about? All amplification stages within the power amps are DC coupled, meaning that there are no decoupling capacitors between one stage and the next. This is a solution that few manufacturers, especially in the hi-end field, adopt and which drastically reduces the time offsets and distortion associated with AC coupling. The end result is sharper, more incisive bass and more natural high frequencies, offering excellent intelligibility and higher perceived volume. Ultra-precise reproduction of high transients is achieved by optimally managing the excursion of the loudspeaker diaphragm (True Cone Excursion), providing higher output with a short initial pulse and significantly reducing output after the signal cuts out. Translated into lofty words: a very high damping factor for excellent loudspeaker control with low distortion and less wear and tear on the driver's moving parts.

GlidePath™ is not the only feature of these amplifiers, however. Thanks to the Web user interface IntelliCloud, you can control multiple amplifiers from your favourite device. IntelliCloud is browser-based, so there is no need to download any software.

APEX CloudPower amplifiers operate in Class D for maximum energy efficiency. For heat dissipation, up to 8 micro-fans are used to virtually eliminate the annoying background noise generated by the larger fans that are normally used in this type of equipment.

Finally, these are the first power amplifiers in their class with an integrated audio source and streaming functionality, making the purchase of an external audio source unnecessary and saving costs in all those applications, e.g. retail and hospitality, where these devices are used.

Intelli-Power 10, Intelli-X³, Intelli-X² and Intelli-Z² signal processors

APEX's Intelli series comprises a family of powerful system management and signal processing tools for loudspeakers based on the acclaimed Intelli-Ware software for fast and intuitive set-up. All models - Intelli-Power 10, Intelli-X³, Intelli-X², Intelli-Z² - feature up to 192 kHz internal processing, high-end analogue circuitry (studio quality) and master-class compressors.

Equipped with dual internal DSP processing and, as we have seen, high-end studio analogue circuits, the new Intelli-Power 10 sets the new benchmark in active loudspeaker system management and signal processing. D/A conversion is based on DirectDive technology that improves impulse response for accurate bass performance.

This unit includes a 4 x 2500 W amplifier, Dante module, DSP for system alignment and EQ, custom FIR and IIR filter-based crossovers, Auto IP, 10 x analogue or digital (AES/EBU) I/Os, 4 available synchronisation options (Dante, AES A/B, AES C/D and internal), etc.

Intelli-X³ 648 features intuitive control software for audio system management with Audio over IP Dante® functionality that supports full network redundancy. With over 15 years of experience in digital audio, the new Intelli-X³ 648 is the latest generation of APEX digital products. A premium audio performance product based on the Intelli-X2 and featuring a powerful and intuitive interface.

Unlike the Intelli-Power 10, Intelli-X³ has no amplification stages and is therefore a pure sound system management processor with 4 inputs and 8 outputs and integration with Rational Acoustics Smaart 7/8 and WaveCapture/LiveCapture.

Intelli-X² is designed to provide the solution required by end customers whether used as a stand-alone system controller or crossover, configured using front panel controls, or as a wireless network system for live tours in stadiums or arenas. Intelli-X² comes standard with Intelli-Ware software and a comprehensive preset library.

Lastly, Intelli-Z². As can be seen from the photo, this processor has no control on the front panel. For many audio systems used in fixed installations (such as theatres, conference centres, etc.), it is common to come across processors of this type, hidden in machine rooms and control rooms. Utilising the full power of the APEX Intelli-Ware remote control software application, the new Intelli-Z² processor is designed precisely for these installations. With its 4 in/8 out configuration, built-in mixer, selectable analogue and AES-3 I/Os, the Intelli-Z² is a powerful and cost-effective system management solution specifically for use in fixed installations without the added cost of front panel hardware controls, which are not strictly necessary in this case.


Intelli-Ware is free software designed to provide quick control from both PC and tablet. The interface mirrors the powerful yet intuitive hardware design, so operation is predominantly icon-driven. Intelli-Ware also provides comprehensive grouping, copy/paste and system-wide data management capabilities, allowing complex configurations to be configured, presented and archived more efficiently:

SL, Hera & Argos Series

APEX's SL series includes two professional devices to protect the public, neighbours and equipment from excessive sound levels that can occur at certain events or workplaces.

Hera is a sound level meter that complies with the IEC61672 class 2 standard: it can be used either as a stand-alone unit or in combination with the APEX Argos. In both cases it offers sound level monitoring and logging within 30 days. Hera can also be used as an audio interruption device, as required by certain authorities.

Local environmental noise regulations increasingly specify maximum sound levels that must not be exceeded; if you want to preserve pleasant sound without damaging your listeners' hearing due to excessively high SPL levels or protect your system from improper use, you can use the APEX audio leveller Argosknown for its particularly natural sound among those available on the market, as it does not produce unwanted sound artefacts.