Towards interactive learning environments

The Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore is the largest Catholic university in Europe and the only one in Italy that can boast a national dimension with its five campuses. As part of its strategic planning, the university approved a programme to modernise its lecture halls. The aim was to transform the classrooms themselves into interactive learning environments, strongly student-oriented and with great potential for teacher empowerment.

Ligra DS worked on this project together with a system integrator in the ICT field, from the design to the implementation of cabling infrastructures, from support and consultancy in the realisation of IT projects to the supply of customised solutions (Multi Cloud and Hybrid Cloud environments). The identification of products to meet these needs followed the logic of the size of the physical spaces indicated. The size of the classrooms determined the choice of video cameras (Aver PTC500S, PTZ310, Cam520 PRO PoE and VC520+) with different characteristics: in larger classrooms, products based on technology that would allow the speaker to be followed in his movements (subject tracking) were chosen, which was not necessary in smaller ones. 368 cameras were used in total.