Holosonics loudspeakers used during the German 'Boom' exhibition

Ligra DS | Holosonics speakers with Audio Spotlight® at the 'Boom' exhibition

For the past five years, an exhibition called 'Boom' has been held in Saxony, Germany: culture, history and tourism in a 2,500 m² exhibition area for a journey through five centuries of Saxon industrial and cultural history, from mining in the Renaissance period to the industrialisation phase and the catastrophes of the First and Second World Wars.

On this occasion, more than 24 Holosonics AS-168i Audio Spotlight® directional loudspeakers were strategically placed according to a particular layout to enable participants to listen to audio, with accompanying narratives, in 25 precise positions while respecting health guidelines and social distancing. This was made possible by the revolutionary Audio Spotlight® ultra-directional sound transmission technology.

The Holosonics directional loudspeaker based on this technology is a particularly flexible and effective tool for use in museums and galleries, as each multimedia exhibition can rely on isolated audio contributions, engaging visitors in a personal experience and keeping the surrounding area quiet.

Faced with the changed social landscape caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, museum directors are rethinking how to organise exhibitions to ensure the safety of visitors and staff members.
By implementing social distancing measures and touchless technologies such as Audio Spotlight®, previously used audio devices such as headsets, telephones, guided tour systems have quickly become objects of the past.