Stadthalle Tuttlingen Cultural Centre - Harmonic Design

Ligra DS | Harmonic Design's line arrays for Stadthalle Tuttlingen

Stadthalle Tuttlingen is the most modern cultural centre in the Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg region in southern Germany: it offers up to 100 cultural events each year. In addition to rock, pop and musicals, the programme includes concerts of classical music, opera/operetta and theatre. The spectrum is completed by cabaret, comedy and literature events as well as lectures. Visitors to this centre in Tuttlingen experience culture and events in an elegant ambience: the Great Hall (840 seats in a row) offers the best view. If necessary, it can be expanded to more than 1,000 seats or offers almost 1,900 standing room for rock and pop concerts. Next door is the Small Hall, with its 228 seats.


In August 2013, the existing PA system in the Great Hall was replaced by a Harmonic Design hd LSA12P line array.

Here is a list of the Harmonic Design products used for the installation:

  • 12 x Array LineSource HD LSA12P
  • 1 x DSP 2 in 4 out FIR/IIR

Active Mobile Harmonic Design systems are used in the other rooms and the foyer: 

  • hd 281 and hd Sub15 
  • hd 18