New AVer CAM550 for medium to large conference rooms

Ligra DS | New AVer CAM550 for medium to large conference rooms

The new PTZ AVer CAM550 is equipped with a 4K dual lens technology which captures the room in its entirety, providing an excellent conference experience for medium and large-sized rooms.
It is equipped with a dual target with AIwhich automatically detects the people involved. The function Smart Gallery, which can be managed remotely, allows participants' faces to be captured by choosing the size of the image cut. By enabling the Gesture Recognition management of functions becomes touchless and a smooth meeting experience can be enjoyed without the need to use remote controls for filming.

AVer CAM550


  • PTZ Dual Lenses 4K with 12X optical zoom (24X total)  
  • Panoramic camera with FOV 95° 
  • Simultaneous USB, HDMI, IP outputs 
  • Picture in picture & Gesture control 
  • Dynamic auto framing and preset framing 

Dual 4K lenses and picture in picture

The dual 4K lens offers a full, clear wide-angle view.
The first objective of the CAM550 consists of a PTZ camera with 12X optical zoom (24X total zoom) to clearly frame meeting participants. The second objective is equipped with IA and a viewing angle (FOV) of 95° to provide a panoramic view of the room. This dual lens allows the Picture in Picture visioni.e. a simultaneous view of the speaker and the room with the meeting participants.

Multiple and simultaneous connections

The HDMI port enables connection to a second display for virtual meetings, and the presence of the three outputs USB, HDMI, IP allows simultaneous connection to monitors, mini PCs and the network for streaming.

Multiple simultaneous connections

Gesture Recognition for Touchless Control

The CAM550 has an integrated Gesture Recognition which, once set up, allows the controls to be operated without the need to physically intervene on the device. Through this advanced artificial intelligence technology, control is simple and immediate.

Choose your own shots with smart gallery

Choose how you want to highlight the members of the meeting with Smart Gallery. Face and body detection technology enables you to choose how to frame the participants and secure the best shots. It is possible to choose between close-up and half-length mode according to environmental or argumentative needs.

Face Mode

Mezzo-Busto Mode

Dynamic auto framing and lighting adaptability

The dynamic auto framing improves meeting efficiency: the CAM550 adjusts the framing quickly and accurately to both participants and newcomers. When newcomers enter, the panoramic secondary lens with AI goes into action to detect them, then the primary lens (the PTZ camera) automatically reframes the scene. Thanks to this automatic dynamic reframing function, the filming of meetings and video conferences is greatly optimised.

Dynamic automatic framing

Remote camera management

The central management software is supported by EZManager2: a free, intuitive and effective central management tool designed specifically for all AVer USB video products.

  • Easy-to-use central management software
  • Keeps track of the number of people in each room
  • Remote Management of Firmware and Software Updates
  • Centralised management of all cameras to control and set their parameters from a single interface wherever they are located
  • Supports the Chrome browser

Free yourself from cables with Aver Virtual Stream

Get rid of USB cable connections using the AVer Virtual Stream. This technology makes the CAM550 available as a video source for virtual meetings (on Zoom, Teams, Skype, etc.) via a single Ethernet connection.

Integration of audio tracking with third parties

Enable theintegration of third-party audio tracking with the Preset Link function. Preset Link is a completely new feature included in PTZApp 2 that allows audio tracking with Shure® and Sennheiser® microphones to be integrated into the AVer USB cameras. The AVer camera automatically identifies speakers and adjusts its field of view instantly based on voice tracking and the settings set for the shooting area.

Compatible with major service providers.

The new AVer CAM550 is compatible with the main videoconferencing software e virtual sharing.