The new VB342 PRO from AVer

The new AVer video bar with 4K PTZ

L'4K PTZ lens high-quality VB342 PRO delivers vivid images and unprecedentedly sharp detail.
The intelligent features of this Videobar combine to create an immersive and crystal-clear meeting experience. Automatic re-framing reshapes the meeting scene to keep everyone in frame and with the Smart Gallery all participants are filmed at their best, with an optimisation of the scene.
Through the combination of the AI technologies of Audio Tracking e Preset Trackingthe VB342 PRO will automatically frame the speaker, even on the move.AVer Audio Fenceall annoying external interference will be blocked to provide uninterrupted virtual conferencing.

Product Overview

USB 2.0 Type A for wireless dongle

Audio Expansion

Phone in/ Speaker out

USB 2.0 Type A USB


USB 3.0 Type B (device to PC)

DC 12V

Auto Frame and Audio Tracking improve meeting efficiency

With Artificial Intelligence Audio Tracking and Auto Frame Smart functions, the AVer VB342 PRO automatically detects and frames all meeting participants, offering optimal performance for any video conference. Sound detection technology detects human voices and enables the related artificial intelligence functionality.

Through a combination of audio tracking and audio tracking presets, when the presenter speaks, the VB342 Pro will locate and frame the area of interest. If the presenter moves, the VB342 Pro will follow and reframe the subject to provide the best possible image, even outside the preset.

Smart Gallery enhances meeting experience

With Smart Gallery, you can provide remote participants with a clear view of each participant: this artificial intelligence function can detect the face, body and facial details of participants to ensure that everyone looks good. You can choose between face and half-length mode to suit any shooting situation.

Audio Fence and Beamforming Technology

With Audio Fence Technology it is possible to mute any noise outside the frame, transforming any space into an uninterrupted presentation zone. By combining this function with Beamforming Technology, distinct sounds and clear voices of the participants are guaranteed.
Virtual conferencing is significantly improved with VB342 Pro.