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Educational Robotics

Educational robotics refers to the development and use of learning environments based on robotic technologies. This discipline allows pupils to work in groups to learn in a fun and creative way how to use constructive and programming techniques. The didactics used is constructivist or 'learning by doing' ... and experimenting. Educational robotics is interdisciplinary, involving numerous teaching subjects, including Mathematics, Science, Technology and Computer Science. It is certainly an inclusive educational activity that also interests and facilitates students with difficulties (BES and DSA).

The plug-and-learn robot for pupils aged 4 to 10. With Kubo programming is as easy as doing a jigsaw puzzle.

KUBO is a simple and intuitive solution that teaches children to programme. KUBO's programming language is called TagTile®, and is designed like a jigsaw puzzle - tangible, intuitive and completely unrelated to any computer or device.
TagTile tiles can be combined in different sequences and paths to create increasingly complex strings of code as pupils acquire new skills or refine latent abilities. KUBO requires no special coding or robotics skills, and its flexibility makes it suitable for many subjects such as music, maths and Italian.

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The modular Do-It-Yourself laptop for tomorrow's makers.

Pi-top [3] enables a didactic approach based on design, active observation and collaborative experimentation. Thanks to Pi-top [3], students develop those computational and relational skills that are fundamental to face the future world of work, in digital as in any other field. Pi-top [3], based on Raspberry PI, is the perfect tool to learn how to programme, create new systems and prototypes. Pi-top [3] is not just a modular laptop, but a complete platform for making, coding and creativity.

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Coding and robotics for everyone from 4 to 16 years old.

The Edison programmable robot is a complete STEM resource for teaching coding and robotics to pupils aged 4 to 16. Easy to use - even without programming experience - Edison comes with an extensive library of free downloadable pre-compiled lessons and activities. With its integrated sensors, lights, sounds and ability to react autonomously to stimuli, Edison makes true robot-based inclusive education possible. Edison can: react to light and/or sound inputs, follow lines and avoid obstacles, read barcodes, communicate with other Edison robots.

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More than a robot: a STEAM DIY platform.

The WeeeMake construction platform introduces students aged 8 and up to the principles of robotics and coding. Thanks to the elements provided within the kits, the most diverse and creative STEAM projects come to life with WeeeMake. The motherboard, to which numerous elements including motors and sensors can be connected, is based on Arduino and projects can be programmed via WeeeCode, based on Scratch, or the Arduino IDE. All elements of the construction system are made of metal, for high strength and reliability.

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The innovative programmable smartwatch.

WatchX is a tool with small dimensions but enormous potential. Not only coding but above all tinkering and creativity, it can be incorporated into larger projects printed in 3D or made from recycled materials. Combinable with Arduino thanks to the dedicated expansion, it becomes the perfect tool to make any project portable by exploiting the integrated battery and screen. It is also the only kit in existence that can be identified as STEM A++ (arts and activities) as it can also support subjects such as exercise science and sports.

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The benchtop spectrophotometer.

Smart Analysis is the first platform for spectrophotometric analysis driven entirely by an Android APP, which is downloaded to the tablet and assists the user throughout the analysis. The Smart Analysis system enables chemical analysis (enzymatic, colorimetric and optical density, O.D.) on liquid matrices; designed to be used by any type of user, Smart Analysis has unique features such as: PORTABILITY: The lithium battery with which Smart Analysis is equipped allows the instrument to be used for several hours (7/8 hours) without the need to connect it to the power supply; in this way, Smart Analysis can be used anywhere, both in the laboratory and outdoors.

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The portable digital teaching lab.

We-Lab is the ideal solution for creating a STEAM laboratory in a simple way, with an innovative approach that takes advantage of everyday devices such as smartphones and tablets. The We-Lab platform comes with two functional modules: the microscope module can acquire images and videos of full HD microscopic samples, while the photometer module performs colorimetric analysis of liquids. The entire system is piloted via WiFi with a dedicated APP. The results of the research and experiences carried out by the students in the classroom can be uploaded to the We-Lab web portal, forming a rich repository of ready-to-use content and projects.

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Multisensory Immersive Solutions

The multisensory environment is a place made up of lights, colours, sounds, soft furnishings and interactive video projectors, within which the pupil is accompanied by his or her carer, putting the needs of the pupil and/or the small group and/or the class context at the centre. The classroom is a 'neutral zone' suitable for all ages and all psycho-physical conditions in which positive relationships can be established, enhancing the area of motivation, concentration, coordination and non-verbal communication. A multisensory room can contribute significantly to reducing the difficulties of autistic pupils and pupils with severe disabilities, but it can also be an inclusive place where everyone can have fun, play or relax together.

Interactive Solutions

Interactive teaching solutions are all those digital technological devices that allow interaction with teaching content, as well as between pupils and with teachers. Fundamental to distance learning, they also make it possible to enhance the effectiveness of teaching by virtue of the interaction and amplified involvement that these products entail.

The interactive experiential table.

Epson's interactive display visualises educational and recreational content on a round, square or rectangular table of any size, adding interactive functions. It is a solution consisting of a laser projector and a dual mounting system that complies with the highest safety standards. The use of unconventional surfaces that transform into multimedia tools stimulates children's creativity as they get used to observing the world from a different perspective.

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C Series Digital Interactive Monitors.

The interactive monitor is a large touch peripheral, capable of handling the contents of a PC or the pre-installed Android operating system at the touch of a finger. The C-Series Interactive Monitors, dedicated to the high-level Education sector and Universities, are particularly appreciated for the versatility of their connections and system fluidity: thanks to the improved RAM, all apps will start up even faster and there will be no more risk of them crashing!

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Interactive experiential table.

HELGI's 43" interactive table is designed for collaboration. Its ergonomic design allows it to be placed anywhere in the classroom or, thanks to its removable legs and standard VESA mount, it can be attached to a wall, either horizontally or vertically. It is resistant to liquids and the screen is scratchproof, making it suitable for all kinds of applications, even the most extreme ones. In addition, the legs can be adjusted in height, from a minimum of 50 cm to a maximum of 70 cm.

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Document Camera for teaching.

IPEVO Document Cams are the ideal tool for displaying analogue content clearly and large on digital devices, be they notebooks or interactive monitors. Buttons allow you to control the camera and make adjustments directly, without the need for software. IPEVO Document Cameras are compatible with video conferencing software such as Zoom, Google Meet, Skype and Microsoft Teams. Or the free IPEVO Visualizer software.

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Web TV and Radio solutions

Multimedia, live and streaming information in general are increasingly engaging types of communication, in demand and widespread also among young people. CAST Studio - a system integrator company specialising in broadcasting - designs and proposes broadcasting systems, which can be implemented and customised in schools, with high potential for inclusion, information and training on new technologies.

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