FYBRA, our air quality.

Fybra is the smart sensor designed for schools that optimises indoor air quality. A patented IOT sensor with numerous functions, it is a full-fledged educational tool that not only makes schools a healthier place, but also transforms the classroom into an engaging laboratory thanks to the numerous ready-to-use educational contents of the MyFybra app.

The Fybra solution is designed for:

Improving air quality

Thanks to the predictive-adaptive algorithm and artificial intelligence you will be able to monitor air quality in advance. With a light indicator you will know when it is time to open the windows to let in fresh air and when it is better to close them to retain heat and save on energy costs.

Reducing the spread of diseases

Fybra promotes the well-being of pupils and creates a safe and healthy learning environment.

Saving energy

Savings up to 20% without sacrificing thermal comfort.

Offering a unique digital learning experience

MYFYBRA turns every classroom into a laboratory. A wealth of learning content is available for your lessons. A platform connected in the cloud via Wi-Fi or GSM to every device. All data collected by Fybra on temperature, humidity and CO2 can be used for classroom activities.


Fybra school is not an air purifier, but a smart sensor that is transforming the school world. Enter the change, enter the school imagined by Fybra.