A new arrival in Canon's PTZ range.

Today we explore the new entry Canon CR-N100. We all know the basis; Canon doesn't miss a beat, it's a brand that spoils us. This time around it comes out with the Canon CR-N100 camera, an Entry Level with a flavour smart ready to make our hearts beat.

The CR-N100 is a small, compact and lightweight PTZ camera; it weighs 2.2 kg. It is equipped with a 4K 1/2.3″ sensor and DIGIC DV6 processor. Suitable for all types of environments and perfect for live productions.

Its Hybid AF technology and 20x optical zoom with image stabilisation, plus integrated IP streaming and control protocols, make CANON's new arrival truly smart. A 'little object' with great potential. Don't believe it? Let's go for a closer look.


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Let's delve into CR-N100:

Outstanding 4K images in oversampling HD

Shoot in superior 4K UHD and Full HD quality thanks to the 4K 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor and DIGIC DV6 image processor. HD oversampling processing produces Full HD images thanks to the 4K sensor, delivering lifelike HD video.

The 20x optical zoom provides an incredible level of flexibility

Capture even the smallest details thanks to Canon's advanced 4K optics, with a flexible 20x optical zoom capable of covering a wide focal range of 29.3-601mm (35mm equivalent). The camera also features image stabilisation for minimal noise on the moving image.

Precise focusing with hybrid AF system

With a combination of high-precision contrast AF and high-speed phase detection AF, the CR-N100 provides fast and accurate focusing of the subject, even in low light. The camera is equipped with an external sensor that measures the distance to the object and compares the focus point with that determined by the contrast AF system.

Precise Auto Tracking1

Access the ability to automatically follow the keynote speaker thanks to face detection technology as he or she moves across the stage.

Multiple protocols for easy streaming and control

CR-N100 is equipped with NDI|HX2 and SRT that produce high-quality video streams for various productions even in unstable network conditions.

Smooth and precise controls

The CR-N100 is equipped with a high-precision drive mechanism for precise tilt and pan movement of up to 0.2°/s. Compatible with C-IP100 controllers and the remote camera control application, it can also be configured with some third-party controllers.

Total connectivity

Flexible connectivity with HDMI or IP (PoE+), both with 4K30P, the CR-N100 also includes a USB-C port, a serial port (RS422) and a 3.5 mm audio jack.

1Requires a paid licence


With this video you can explore the technical solutions you can achieve. Once you've finished watching you just have to cast your eye over the new Canon CR-N100 solution in the PTZ range, you know the reasons by now.