Artome returns to the market with a All-in-one even more compact, Artome S1.

The ideology of adaptable, installation-free presentation technology has been, and still is, the foundation of the Finnish company. An elegant product ready to transform the projection space with its presence. Artome offers intelligent portable furniture plug-and-play for presenting, learning and much more. Sustainably built audio-visual technology that gives us products that finally bring flexibility and ease into every environment, including places of learning, without forgetting the aesthetic side.


A complete solution


Smart furniture with integrated Epson ultra short throw laser projector, integrated audio system and video conferencing functions.


It maximises space utilisation by transforming spaces according to evolving needs.

Nordic design

Artome combines Nordic design and technology, blending them perfectly with different locations. It is made to fit the interior of any location, from offices to event venues to classrooms.


Artome offers flexibility and ease of use. It requires no installation or additional software, and you can easily use it with your laptop via HDMI.


Arthome S1 also finds its dimension in Education. Simplify the creation of multiple classroom layouts with a mobile, installation-free AV solution. Turn any classroom into various educational environmentsenhancing the possibilities in your teaching approach and providing students with dynamic and engaging learning experiences. Artome S1 ensures that your space is always ready to adapt to your needs, enabling the transformation of your classroom layout to support versatile and dynamic pedagogical practices.



Needless to turn around, Artome strikes again. His is a game-changer easy and straightforward, the smart and elegant solution with secure performance by ARTOME. Improvements at school and in every environment.