Immerse yourself in the sound universe of Active Audio

Today we again take you into the universe of a major brand that deals with the soundproofing of acoustically critical environments; Active Audio. A pioneer developing controlled-dispersion acoustic loudspeakers that maximise the focusing of sound energy on the audience, to achieve an excellent level of intelligibility and at the same time a discreet installation even in architecturally valuable environments.

Ray-On series

Here is our series of column loudspeakers, available as single channel passive 8Ω or 100V, active with Dante interface, active with PoE power supply and Dante interface.

The speakers of the Ray-on series are designed with a proprietary patent DGRC (Digital and Geometric Radiation Control). With this technology, the drivers, positioned in angled sections along the acoustic diffuser, are combined with specific passive filters that shape the generated wave front so as to achieve a dispersion of the acoustic energy focused on the vertical plane.



All Ray-on series passive loudspeakers (excluding Ray-On+ and Ray-On PoE) are certified with IP55 grade and also available in conforming variants EN54-24 for EVAC (Emergency Voice and Communication) applications

Check out the Ray-On Series Simulator, discover the sound coverage of each model

Ray-On is designed to perfectly meet your soundproofing needs. Depending on the distance and the space you need to sound, we design your solution. Contact us for a consultation and find out which Active Audio product is right for you.


R210 - Range 42m at ±5dB

Column Loudspeaker (210cm)

Ideal for large environments. Churches and places of worship, conference rooms, stations and airport lounges.

R110 Range: 20m at ±5dB

Pillar Loudspeaker (110cm)

Ideal for medium-sized rooms, both stand-alone or as part of a distributed system: churches, conference rooms, railway station platforms, shopping centres and more.

R70 - Range: 12m at ±5dB

Column Loudspeaker (70cm)

Ideal for small environments such as small conference rooms, meeting rooms, medium-sized classrooms.

Rmini - Range: 5m at ±5dB

Compact loudspeaker (20cm)

Designed specifically for corridors and transit areas such as stations, airports, subways, or to complement other column loudspeakers for confined areas.


Soundbar (70cm)

Perfect in combination with a traditional display or ledwall for conference, museum, retail applications.