HELGI, multimedia solutions for your school

HELGI is a company specialising in the production of technology solutions for the education sector. A true innovative universe designed for your school. HELGI could therefore not miss the most important Education-themed event of the year; Didacta Florence 2024.

At the fair you will find the HELGI stand, where you can discover all the brand innovations designed for the 4.0 school we have imagined for you.

What will we find at the fair?


HELGI Monitors are divided into two main categories: Interactive Monitors and LFD Professional Monitors - Smart Digital Signage.

As for Interactive Monitors, the writing experience becomes more natural thanks to Palm Detection and Palm Rejection features that allow the monitor to identify the palm as an eraser or ignore it when writing. The panel can recognise up to 5 pressure levels and reads up to 50 simultaneous touches. In addition, HELGI interactive monitors have the certified Google Playstore included, which gives you the possibility to install as many apps as you want without limits. Bytello and Chimpa are also included.

LFD Professional Monitors - Smart Digital Signage, enhance the quality of meetings and conferences with outstanding 4K UHD resolution and surprising ease of use. You will be able to enjoy reliable performance, thanks to a product with a very high price/quality ratio.


The HELGI BOX is a standard 80 Pin OPS mini PC, compatible with most monitors on the market. A single solution to make a display without an operating system 'Smart' or to upgrade monitors already in use. The HELGI BOX includes the Bytello suite, the Playstore and the Google-certified Google suite to align all monitors in the institution, even those of different brands, to a single educational software.

Omnichart UV 36

HELGI's Omnichart line of charging trolleys are designed to store and charge up to 36 mobile devices, whether laptops or tablets, with a maximum size of 15.6". A valuable tool that offers organisation, security and convenience when handling and charging devices.

Digital tutor

The Digital Tutor is an interactive solution designed to make it easier to create groups during lessons. With its wheeled stand and integrated battery, you have a fully wireless solution that can be moved around in any school environment without difficulty.

Motorised Trolleys

Interactive monitors can be heavy and bulky, so trolleys make it easy to move them from one classroom to another or between different rooms within the school.


At Didacta Firenze 2024, Ligra DS will also be present with its certified training courses. We look forward to seeing you in the Agora where we will have the opportunity to discuss the new topics of an evolving school.

Ligra DS