HELGI expands the family of Smart Digital Signage NT Series professional LFD monitors

The new 98" monitor has arrived, joining the HELGI NT Series and entering the market with a monitor of high size and performance.

Ligra DS

LFD 98″ and LFD 86″ NT Series Professional Monitors

The LFD Professional Monitors - Smart Digital Signage 98" and 86" enhance the quality of meetings and conferences with an extraordinary 4K UHD resolution. high-impact presentations thanks to a product with a very high price/quality ratio. A professional Haze level and a brightness of 500 cd/m² ensure perfect visibility without annoying reflections, the HELGI NT Series monitors meet the visualisation requirements for modern conference and Digital Signage applications. Thanks to the user-friendliness of the pre-installed Android 11 operating system, you can easily access your applications. For public information uses, the NT Series monitors can be installed in either landscape or portrait orientation.

Modern design

The displays in this series boast an ultra-thin bezel design that eliminates superfluous visual elements while directing the audience's attention to the displayed content.

Ready for operation 18/7

Built with Green logic, NT monitors allow the scheduling of operating hours, avoiding unnecessary energy wastage and ensuring high reliability of operation over the long term

Ease of use

Operation plug and play from the first start-up.

Processing and connectivity

Via the HDMI port, you can connect your video conferencing or screen-sharing system, set-top box or external PC. To this end, the NT Series monitors help maximise the user experience with the functionality of connecting with a single USB Type-C Full-Link cable for unparalleled ease of use.

Advanced connectivity

The NT series, thanks to the Android operating system, allows uncompromising integration and advanced functionality. The integrated MediaPlayer application allows the creation and time management of playlists with photo/video content. Furthermore, thanks to Bytello Share, multiple devices can be connected in wireless screen sharing mode without difficulty.

Display Control

The SoC of HELGI NT Series Monitors allows integrators to control the displays using API commands either via serial interface or LAN. In addition, thanks to Chimpa RDM, it will be possible to remotely control and monitor all the main functions of the Monitor.

Bytello Share Included

Bytello Share is a multi-device wireless mirroring presentation, sharing and collaboration solution. The (perpetual) licence allows the Bytello Share server app to be activated on the Android operating system of NT monitors in cross platform logic (Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android), enabling different types of devices to share content using the same Wi-Fi network.

Bytello Share makes it possible to send copies of the images displayed on the monitor to the audience's personal devices in the room, allowing participants who are far away from the monitor or have impaired vision to view the presentations

Remote Display Management (1 year licence included)

Chimpa RDM is a remote device management solution. Thanks to its advanced functions and versatility, Chimpa RDM can be used in a variety of areas. Exclusively for RDM Advance, the following can be set up workflow e alert automatic use: each time a certain action is performed on the monitor, a notification trigger can be set. For example, if the monitor is switched on at night, you are immediately notified.

Comprehensive management: Chimpa RDM allows users to have total control of their organisation's devices.

User-Friendly: Clear and intuitive cloud interface suitable for users of all levels.

Sure: It protects the organisation from misuse of devices, allowing the division between personal and corporate data to be managed.

Customisable: A solution that can be configured according to one's needs and mode of use.

Certified: The developer of Chimpa is the only Enterprise Mobility Management service provider for Android in Italy.

Installation: HELGI is the only Italian brand that can follow you through the entire process.