Clockaudio, Your Boundary

Clockaudio's reputation precedes it. An audio manufacturer that has been offering professional and innovative solutions since 1994. The focus? Solving difficult acoustic problems.

Today we address a recurring issue; the difficulty of capturing quality audio in meeting rooms and boardrooms. Clockaudio provides table-mounted microphone solutions, including motorised ones, that guarantee a discreet and elegant installation, a tool audio capture pointing on the speakers that integrates perfectly with the environment in which it is inserted. Management is effective thanks to the cameras' auto targeting in combination with DSP processors such as the Tightav DSP-AEC-1410.


The built-in system is perfect to suit your needs. Elegant and compact to save as much space as possible. A retractable retractable digital condenser microphone Cardioid boundary layer microphone with 2 independent encapsulations. Available in different colours, dark light and some metallic colours.

In short, Clockaudio has found a perfect solution to solve your audio problems. A manufacturer that is attentive to the needs of the customer, reliable in both the installation phase and the design part. That's why Ligra DS relies on such an excellent partnership, capable of raising the performance level to the highest level.


Ligra DS

Ligra DS

Want to delve deeper into the sound universe proposed by Clockaudio? Watch the video and enjoy a journey through the solutions proposed by a professional brand certain to solve your most complex problems.