Class 3.0 at the IC of Fontanellato (PR)

PON funds really do open the doors for schools to innovation and technology. This is confirmed by the case of the Istituto Comprensivo di Fontanellato in the province of Parma, which, by favouring PON funding for Digital Environments, has created its first 3.0 classroom.

The classroom has a Touchboard Mimio Studio interactive whiteboard connected to a BenQ MX819ST short-throw projector and RT503W audio speakers.

To encourage class sharing and participation in lessons, a Lumens DC120 document camera was purchased which connected to the classroom PC and allows high quality images to be captured from books, photos or real objects and displayed on the interactive whiteboard for the benefit of all students.

The classroom is also equipped with a BQ Prusa i3 3D printer that allows three-dimensional objects to be printed in pla.

Finally, the classroom was complemented with a LapCabby 32H charging cart for charging and synchronising tablets and Ligra desks and chairs for all students.

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