Ligra DS in favour of environmental protection

Initiative to reduce plastic consumption in companies

Gianluigi Cravedi, Chief Executive Officer of Ligra DS, cares about the future of the planet and has therefore launched an environmental initiative involving all employees: he has handed over a branded Ligra eco-friendly steel water bottle to all employees, inviting them to use it every day in the office as a replacement for the disposable plastic cups now in use.

"L'target of the initiative is limiting consumption of non-renewable raw materialsreducing plastic consumption and promoting conscious behaviour. - declared Gianluigi Cravedi - Water is a fundamental good, one of the most important resources of our planet, which is continually threatened by pollution. It in turn becomes a source of pollution every time it is bottled in plastic: it has been calculated that, every minute, one million plastic bottles are purchased worldwide, 20,000 per second."

The Ligra DS water bottle, made by the Bologna-based company '24Bottles', not only contributes to reducing the use of disposable plastic, but is totally sustainable. Indeed:

  • The steel is 100% recycled and, once recovered, still 100% recyclable.
  • All CO2 emitted during the production of the raw materials, finished product and packaging and during transport is reduced to zero through the replanting of trees.

On the site it is possible to consult a map indicating the reforestation programmes being implemented.

"All staff appreciated the initiative, to my great satisfaction," commented Gianluigi Cravedi - I am confident that all employees will support the Ligra DS commitment in their daily lives through conscious behaviour and choices."