Ligra is pleased to announce a distribution agreement with Absen for the distribution of Led Wall products

In April 2017, an agreement was signed between Absen and Ligra for the exclusive distribution of some Led Wall products in Italy.
The products concerned are the N Series (indoor installation), the D Series (indoor rental) and the X Series (outdoor rental).
The products mentioned are available for viewing at Ligra, can be tested during road shows and will be used in demos.
These product lines are distributed exclusively in Italy by Ligra, are stocked and are to be considered purchased in Italy.
All other Absen products can be sold by Ligra as a preferred channel in Italy and are imported on request.

Led Wall for Indoor Installation - N Series

The N Series is designed for the RETAIL market, in-store installation, wall-mounted or window-front. The use of Led Wall allows for increased visual impact and the elimination of discontinuities between screens. Available in N2, 2.4mm pitch, and N4, 4mm pitch.

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Led Wall for Rental Indoor - Series D

The D-Series is intended for the indoor rental market, due to its easy installation, light weight (7kg/module) and robustness. Available with standard and dual refresh rates. Available in D2, 2.9mm pitch, and D3, 3.9mm pitch.

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Led Wall for Outdoor Rental - X Series
The X-Series is intended to lighten and speed up the work of large event organisers. Large LED panels can be assembled and disassembled in a short time thanks to the new mechanics incorporated in the X Series. High refresh rate, light weight, innovative mechanics and an integrated back-up power supply guarantee speed and efficiency in installation and continuity of operation even in the event of driver failure.
Available in X5, 5.2 mm pitch, and X7, 7.8 mm pitch.

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