What is the Teachers' Charter?

Are you also a permanent teacher (whether full-time or part-time), a teacher declared unfit for health reasons pursuant to Article 514 of Legislative Decree No. 297 of 16/04/94, as amended, a teacher on secondment, detachment, out-of-placement or otherwise used, a teacher in schools abroad, military schools?
In all these cases you can access the Nominal bonus of €500.

Please note that vouchers presented by teachers must be validated before or at the same time as the delivery of the good.
ATTENTION: As of 1 September, vouchers generated by teachers will be cancelled ex officio if not validated by 31 August 2018 following the start of the new school year.

Summary of topics:

  • How to obtain a Teacher's Card
  • How to use Teacher Cards
  • Read our in-depth article


How to obtain a Teacher's Card

To obtain the Teacher's Card you must, first of all, create your digital identity and apply for SPID credentials on the spid.gov.it

How to use the Teacher's Card on Ligra

After obtaining your digital identity, you can choose the product you want from those published on Ligra.co.uk:



How to find Ligra srl among accredited merchants?


Start using cartadeldocente.istruzione.it and create your first voucher

  1. Go to page "creates good"accessible from the Menu
  2. Choose LIGRA SRL in the municipality of VIGOLZONE (PC)
  3. Enter the amount of the voucher corresponding to the price of the good or service you wish to purchase
  4. The voucher created will be accompanied by an identification code (QR code, bar code and alphanumeric code) that you can save on your device or print out and present when ordering


Carta del Docente allows you to:

  • Create one or more vouchers of the amount you want up to the overall maximum of your portfolio
  • See vouchers created and ready to spend
  • See vouchers already spent
  • Check how much more you can spend



Read our in-depth article

If you still have doubts about how the Teachers' Charter works, we invite you to download our PDF document, in which you will find every detail.

Contact us

If you still have any doubts or simply wish to discuss an aspect not covered on this page, please contact us:

  • By writing an e-mail to educational@ligra.it specifying which product you wish to purchase, the voucher, your name and shipping address
  • Or by calling us at 0523-076505 or at 0523-076515 for information
  • Or by coming to our sales outlet in: Vigolzone in the province of Piacenza, Via degli Artigiani 29/31

For more information you can visit Ministry website